After Nvidia, Samsung vows to abandon consumer focus and concentrate on lucrative enterprise market instead — surge in HBM, enterprise SSD, DDR5 server memory chip expected to drive margins

Nvidia has transformed into an AI superpower, becoming the third most valuable company in the world off the back of it, so it’s perhaps no surprise other tech giants are looking on in envy and shifting their focus to follow suit. During its recent earnings call, Samsung reported a consolidated operating profit of $4.8 billion in … Read more

Chip firm founded by ex-Intel president plans massive 256-core CPU to surf AI inference wave and give Nvidia B100 a run for its money — Ampere Computing AmpereOne-3 likely to support PCIe 6.0 and DDR5 tech

Ampere Computing unveiled its AmpereOne Family of processors last year, boasting up to 192 single-threaded Ampere cores, which was the highest in the industry.  These chips, designed for cloud efficiency and performance, were Ampere’s first product based on its new custom core leveraging internal IP,  signalling a shift in the sector, according to CEO Renée … Read more

Another startup is taking on Nvidia using a clever trick — Celestial AI brings DDR5 and HBM together to slash power consumption by 90%, may already be partnering with AMD

There’s no shortage of startups pushing technology that could one day prove pivotal in AI computing and memory infrastructure.  Celestial AI, which recently secured $175 million in Series C funding, is looking to commercialize its Photonic Fabric technology which aims to redefine optical interconnects.  Celestial AI’s foundational technology is designed to disaggregate AI compute from … Read more

This is what a single 256GB DDR5 memory module looks like — but you won’t be able to fit this Micron RAM in your desktop or laptop and it will almost certainly cost more than $10,000 if you can buy it

Micron has showcased its colossal 256GB DDR5-8800 MCRDIMM memory modules at the recent Nvidia GTC 2024 conference. The high-capacity, double-height, 20-watt modules are tailored for next-generation AI servers, such as those based on Intel‘s Xeon Scalable ‘Granite Rapid’ processors which require substantial memory for training. Tom’s Hardware, which got to see the memory module first … Read more

Rambus unveils first Gen4 DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD)

Rambus Inc., a company with a long history in high-performance memory, has recently unveiled a new component that is set to improve memory performance in advanced servers. This new product, the Gen 4 DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD), is particularly important for applications that handle a lot of data, such as generative AI. As the … Read more

Lexar ARES DDR5 7200 memory and PLAY 2230 PCIe 4.0 SSD

Lexar announced the launch of two new products: the ARES RGB DDR5 7200 Desktop Memory and the PLAY 2230 PCIe 4.0 SSD. These additions are set to cater to the needs of avid gamers and PC enthusiasts, offering superior performance, cooling systems, customizable lighting effects, high-speed performance, small form factor, and low power consumption. The … Read more

T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 desktop overclocking memory

Team Group has recently unveiled its latest innovation in the form of the T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 Desktop Overclocking Memory. This product marks a significant stride in the world of memory modules, primarily due to its unique composition – it’s the first in the industry to feature a recycled aluminum heat sink. This development is … Read more


If you are considering building a new gaming rig or PC in the coming months you might be interested to know that BIOSTAR has unveiled its latest memory in the form of the new 16GB RGB DDR5 GAMING X memory modules. Offering users high-speed performance, customizable RGB lighting, efficient heat dissipation, and broad compatibility. The … Read more