Chip firm founded by ex-Intel president plans massive 256-core CPU to surf AI inference wave and give Nvidia B100 a run for its money — Ampere Computing AmpereOne-3 likely to support PCIe 6.0 and DDR5 tech

Ampere Computing unveiled its AmpereOne Family of processors last year, boasting up to 192 single-threaded Ampere cores, which was the highest in the industry.  These chips, designed for cloud efficiency and performance, were Ampere’s first product based on its new custom core leveraging internal IP,  signalling a shift in the sector, according to CEO Renée … Read more

SEASKATE surf skateboard with spring-loaded casters

The Seaskate, a two-wheeled skateboard, is a unique innovation in the world of skateboarding. It is a product that stands out in the market due to its distinct features and benefits. Unlike traditional skateboards, the Seaskate is designed with a two-wheeled, rear-driven spring system that simulates the feeling of surfing. This innovative design not only … Read more