La startup de IA xAI de Elon Musk recauda 6.000 millones de dólares en una oferta para el OpenAI Challenge

Elon Musk Startup de inteligencia artificial xAI Recaudó 6.000 millones de dólares (alrededor de 49.857 millones de rupias) para acelerar su desafío a sus antiguos aliados en AbiertoAI. La ronda Serie B, anunciada en una publicación de blog el 26 de mayo, llega menos de un año después del debut de XAI y representa una … Read more

Humanity Protocol recauda 30 millones de dólares a medida que una startup de identidad digital basada en Blockchain alcanza el estatus de Unicornio

Humanity Protocol, una solución de identidad descentralizada, ha recaudado 30 millones de dólares (alrededor de 250 millones de rupias) en una nueva ronda de financiación liderada por Kingsway Capital y la startup alcanzó el estatus de unicornio cuando su valoración cruzó la marca de los mil millones de dólares (alrededor de 8.350 millones de rupias). … Read more

Tech startup connects to two satellites in orbit from Earth via Bluetooth — using off the shelf chip and a software update

Most of us use Bluetooth every day for tasks such as streaming audio, sharing files, connecting to devices, and making hands-free calls.  That’s because Bluetooth technology is typically designed for short-range communication between devices, and while the first generations had a very limited range of up to 30 feet, it can now achieve over 200 … Read more

French startup reveals quasi-immortal sensor that doesn’t need energy to work — SilMach’s ultra cheap microsensors can be used in a dizzying array of use cases

France 2030 is a strategic €34 billion investment by the French government aiming to kickstart economic growth in the country.  As part of this initiative, the SIRCAPASS project (Surveillance of Road Infrastructures by Passive Sensors) has chosen French firm SilMach to provide ultra-cheap microsensors to monitor and ensure the structural health of bridges across the … Read more

‘The socket is becoming the motherboard’ — how a Samsung-backed startup wants to change computing forever by integrating everything in an elegant packaging to tackle the AI beast once and for all

Many system designers are exploring chiplet-based SiPs that move beyond the limitations and costs of huge single-die implementations, but which depend heavily on silicon interposers as substrates for mounting and interconnecting the dies.  Silicon interposers deliver a higher data rate than organic substrates, but are not without drawbacks. They are costly, proprietary and limit the … Read more

Another startup is taking on Nvidia using a clever trick — Celestial AI brings DDR5 and HBM together to slash power consumption by 90%, may already be partnering with AMD

There’s no shortage of startups pushing technology that could one day prove pivotal in AI computing and memory infrastructure.  Celestial AI, which recently secured $175 million in Series C funding, is looking to commercialize its Photonic Fabric technology which aims to redefine optical interconnects.  Celestial AI’s foundational technology is designed to disaggregate AI compute from … Read more

World’s first modular handheld inkjet printer claims revolutionary print-on-any-surface capabilities — Chinese startup makes big promises but watch out for the price of consumables

If you ever wished you could print on anything, Printisian could be for you. The handheld inkjet printer lets users print on various materials and surfaces, including wood, paper, metals, fabric, leather, stone and even food and skin.  Its modular design allows for easy switching between different accessories, such as an edge positioner, laser aligner, … Read more

This startup wants to take on Nvidia with a server-on-a-chip to eliminate what it calls an already flawed system — faster GPU, CPU, LPU, TPU or NIC will not deliver the leap that many firms are aiming for

According to Israeli startup NeuReality, many AI possibilities aren’t fully realized due to the cost and complexity of building and scaling AI systems.  Current solutions are not optimized for inference and rely on general-purpose CPUs, which were not designed for AI. Moreover, CPU-centric architectures necessitate multiple hardware components, resulting in underutilized Deep Learning Accelerators (DLAs) … Read more

Startup claims to boost LLM performance using standard memory instead of GPU HBM — but experts remain unconvinced by the numbers despite promising CXL technology

MemVerge, a provider of software designed to accelerate and optimize data-intensive applications, has partnered with Micron to boost the performance of LLMs using Compute Express Link (CXL) technology.  The company’s Memory Machine software uses CXL to reduce idle time in GPUs caused by memory loading. The technology was demonstrated at Micron’s booth at Nvidia GTC … Read more

Moon mining startup Interlune wants to start digging for helium-3 by 2030

A budding startup called Interlune is trying to become the first private company to mine the moon’s natural resources and sell them back on Earth. Interlune will initially focus on helium-3 — a helium isotope created by the sun through the process of fusion — which is abundant on the moon. In an interview with … Read more