Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Laptop presentado como el primer ordenador copiloto+ de la compañía: precio y características

microsoft Presentó los nuevos Surface Pro (11.a edición) y Surface Laptop (7.a edición) para los consumidores el lunes (20 de mayo) en el evento Surface and Windows AI. Estos dispositivos siguen a los Surface Pro 10 y Surface Laptop 6 centrados en los negocios del gigante tecnológico. pie En marzo de este año. Los dispositivos … Read more

Se anunció Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 y amenaza a las MacBooks M3

En el pasado, “Mac vs. PC” era un gran problema. Incluso hicieron anuncios de televisión al respecto. Gracias al reciente anuncio de Surface de Microsoft, es posible que estemos regresando a esa era. anterior a Microsoft construye 2024el fabricante de Windows anunció su categoría de consumo más fuerte computadora portátil de escritorio hasta ahora. La … Read more

Dónde reservar el nuevo Microsoft Surface Laptop

tl;dr: el nuevo Computadora portátil Microsoft Surface Disponible para pedidos anticipados a través de Microsoft Store a partir del 20 de mayo. Viene en dos tamaños (13,8 y 15 pulgadas) a partir de $ 999,99 y $ 1299,99, respectivamente. Enlaces rápidos: nuevo caliente macbook Un competidor entra a la villa: microsoft Debutó su Surface Laptop … Read more

Massive laptop sale at Dell: 7 deals I’d buy this weekend starting at just $299

May isn’t traditionally known for its laptop deals but the official Dell Store has some absolutely awesome choices right now across its entire range of machines.  For example, not only are there great cheap Windows machines starting at just $299, but you can also pick up a Dell XPS 13 for just $599. That’s the … Read more

Razer Blade 18 (2024) Review: The Gaming Laptop of the Future

Razer’s Blade 14 is my go-to recommendation for anyone hunting for a good gaming laptop, but as impressive as it is, it trades power for portability. If that’s the kind of sacrifice you don’t want to make, then say hello to the Razer Blade 18—this is the powerhouse you’re looking for. Side-by-side with the Razer … Read more

Acer Chromebook Plus 514 Review: A Great Budget Laptop

Last year, Google trotted out a new “Chromebook Plus” label, ensuring Chromebooks meet specific hardware requirements so that they have a certain threshold of quality and—importantly—a starting price of $400. It’s been fairly successful. Chromebooks from companies like Acer and Lenovo perform well for the money—functional, affordable hardware that does the job. Acer’s Chromebook Plus … Read more

Asus Zenbook Duo (2024) Review: A Two-Screened Laptop That Nails It

Conceptually, it’s very close to what Lenovo did last year with the Yoga Book 9i, complete with shorthand gestures that help you pull up a virtual keyboard or touchpad, expand the screen to fill both displays or “flick” content from one screen to the other. This is all fairly easy to get the hang of. … Read more

Chromebook owners are getting a much-wanted feature – a central hub to find all the best apps for their laptop

Chromebook users are set to get a single central hub to download apps and games for their devices, meaning they won’t have to worry about where to find the various diverse applications they might want. Whatever app you might want to download – whether it’s Android, Linux, or a Progressive Web App (PWA – think … Read more

PowerBook 2400c is first lightweight laptop: Today in Apple history

May 8, 1997: Apple launches the PowerBook 2400c laptop, a 4.4-pound “subnotebook” that’s the MacBook Air of its day. The PowerBook 2400c predicts the rise of speedy, lightweight notebooks, while also paying tribute to Apple’s past. Its design echoes the original PowerBook 100. Even years later, it remains a cult favorite among many Mac users. … Read more