The new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro look good, but Apple urgently needs to revisit its single worst accessory

Well, that’s a wrap on another Apple showcase – the ‘Let Loose’ live event gave us a host of new tech to look forward to, from a shiny new Apple Pencil Pro to the iPad Pro 13-inch, now equipped with the powerful M4 chip. The event also gave us a new Magic Keyboard for the … Read more

Google Photos will soon fix your average videos with a single ‘enhance’ tap

While there are plenty of video editing tools built into smartphones, it can take some skill to pull off an edit that’s pleasing to the eye. But Google Photos looks set to change that. By digging into an upcoming version of the Photos app, Android Authority contributor and code-diver Assemble Debug found a feature called … Read more

The Fellow Aiden makes coffee good enough for snobs with a single button

Sometimes even the most die-hard coffee enthusiasts just want a quick cup of joe. Unfortunately, that often leaves people with sipping less-than-satisfactory java from traditional drip brewers. But now after years of customer requests, Fellow is finally releasing a machine that it claims can deliver a pour-over experience at the touch of a button. And … Read more

This is what a single 256GB DDR5 memory module looks like — but you won’t be able to fit this Micron RAM in your desktop or laptop and it will almost certainly cost more than $10,000 if you can buy it

Micron has showcased its colossal 256GB DDR5-8800 MCRDIMM memory modules at the recent Nvidia GTC 2024 conference. The high-capacity, double-height, 20-watt modules are tailored for next-generation AI servers, such as those based on Intel‘s Xeon Scalable ‘Granite Rapid’ processors which require substantial memory for training. Tom’s Hardware, which got to see the memory module first … Read more

‘A single chip to outperform a small GPU data center’: Yet another AI chip firm wants to challenge Nvidia’s GPU-centric world — Taalas wants to have super specialized AI chips

Toronto-based AI chip startup Taalas has emerged from stealth with $50 million in funding and the lofty aim of revolutionizing the GPU-centric world dominated by Nvidia. Founded by Ljubisa Bajic, Lejla Bajic, and Drago Ignjatovic, all previously from Tenstorrent (the creator of Grayskull), Taalas is developing an automated flow for quickly turning any AI model – … Read more

Obscure Chinese brand launches laptop that may have a better battery life than the MacBook Pro — Core Ultra 7 totting Megabook T16 Pro has record-breaking 99.9WHr battery, up to 22 hours on a single charge

Tecno Mobile, while not widely known outside of China, does have a reputation for making high-quality devices at competitive prices. The company’s new 16 inch Megabook T16 Pro 2024 Ultra laptop, which was first revealed at this year’s MWC 2024, comes with an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor (a fresh release from December 2023), paired … Read more

Radxa Zero 3W single board computer (SBC) $19

Offering an alternative to the smaller Raspberry Pi mini PCs the Radxa Zero 3W, a small but mighty single board computer equipped with robust features and attractive price point. This tiny powerhouse is designed to cater to the needs of both hobbyists and professionals, offering a versatile platform for a wide range of projects. Starting … Read more

Deals: SheetGPT Single User Plan Lifetime Subscription, save 83%

We have an amazing deal on the SheetGPT Single User Plan Lifetime Subscription in the timeswonderful Deals store this week, you can save 83% off the regular price. It is available in our deals store for just $48.99. Workaround Google Sheets smarter than ever with SheetGPT! Now you can use prompts to create AI content … Read more

680 Edge Ryzen X86 single board computer (SBC)

The 680 Edge is a new x86 powered AMD Ryzen Single board computer designed primarily for edge computing, but it is versatile enough for various applications. It features a Ryzen 7 6800U processor with eight cores and 16 threads, Radeon 68M integrated graphics, and 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. The board includes a substantial cooling … Read more

New BeagleV-Fire FPGA and RISC-V Single Board Computer

BeagleBoard, a prominent player in the field of single-board computers (SBCs), has recently unveiled its latest product, the BeagleV-Fire. This advanced SBC is powered by Microchip’s PolarFire MPFS025T FCVG484E, a 5x core RISC-V System on Chip (SoC) that includes an integrated FPGA fabric. The BeagleV-Fire is the latest addition to the BeagleV series of SBCs, … Read more