Western Digital’s new external SSD is aimed at content creators and offers 8TB of fast storage – but the firm plans to double capacity by next year

Content producers are churning out data in unprecedented volumes, with high-definition images and 4K/8K video content consuming an enormous amount of storage space. Creators typically need to store several versions of their projects, including the initial raw files, edited versions, and the published format.  Catering to this need, Western Digital has launched a new external … Read more

Samsung reveals more details about how it plans to produce 1000-layer QLC NAND chip that are vital for a Petabyte SSD — hafnia ferroelectrics identified as key ingredient to ramp layer count beyond 1K

It’s no secret that the race is on to produce the first 1000TB SSD. At its Tech Day in 2022, Samsung revealed ambitious plans to “stack over 1,000 layers” in its most advanced NAND chip by 2030, meaning a petabyte SSD could arrive by then.  Last year the company dropped hits that it might be … Read more

Here’s one good reason you may want to ‘downgrade’ your SSD and lose capacity in the process — cheap QLC SSD can be transformed into expensive SLC to improve endurance but it’s not for the fainthearted

We love crazy tech projects here at TechRadar Pro – Some of our recent favorites include an enthusiast getting ChatGPT to run on a NAS, and the person who transformed AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor into a storage device with read-write speeds to rival some of the best SSDs. The latest idea to cross our … Read more

After Nvidia, Samsung vows to abandon consumer focus and concentrate on lucrative enterprise market instead — surge in HBM, enterprise SSD, DDR5 server memory chip expected to drive margins

Nvidia has transformed into an AI superpower, becoming the third most valuable company in the world off the back of it, so it’s perhaps no surprise other tech giants are looking on in envy and shifting their focus to follow suit. During its recent earnings call, Samsung reported a consolidated operating profit of $4.8 billion in … Read more

This Windows 11 installation setting can cut your SSD performance in half. Here’s how to disable it.

BitLocker, which is Microsoft’s software encryption for SSDs, has run into its fair share of issues over the years since its release. And now there’s another potential problem looming over Windows 11 users with the upcoming version 24H2 update. There’s a new report that Windows 11 version 24H2, also called the 2024 update, “may enable … Read more

World’s largest HDD company wants to launch massive 60TB SSD in 2024 — WD CEO spills beans on solid state roadmap as he divulges that enterprise customers want much bigger capacities, fast

During Western Digital’s recent Q3 earnings call, CEO David Goeckeler disclosed that the ever-growing need for higher capacity and speedier data access from customers across the world is pushing the company to expand its solid-state capacities. The company chalked up a profitable quarter, with revenues soaring over forecast to $3.46 billion, a 29% YoY rise. … Read more

FlumeIO 5901 U.2 SSD review: as good a PCIe 5.0 enterprise drive as you’re going to find

FlumeIO 5901 U.2 SSD: Two-minute review Mainstream customers looking for fast storage have had a pick of dozens of M.2 PCIe 5.0 SSDs on the market over the last year and a half, but enterprise customers, creative industry professionals, or those who have been looking to upgrade their cloud server storage from older SATA or … Read more

2PB SSD storage in your computer? Why not — storage firm debuts tech that can support up to 32 drives, perfect if you want to use 61.44TB Solidigm SSDs or even bigger PCIe 5.0 ones in the future

HighPoint has unveiled the industry’s first 8-Channel PCIe Gen5 x16 NVMe Switch and NVMe RAID product lines.  Powered by Broadcom’s PEX89048 IC, these are designed to cater to high-demand, data-intensive applications and integrate Broadcom’s Gen5 PCIe switching technology to utilize x16 lanes of Gen5 host bandwidth, direct from the CPU, across Intel and AMD platforms. … Read more

Hyper USB-C Hubs and SSD Enclosure Review

Several months ago, Hyper introduced a series of accessories under the “HyperDrive Next” family, bringing a variety of options for USB-C hubs and other products. I’ve recently spent some time testing out some of these accessories, and I’ve found them to offer an assortment of capabilities across price points to suit a variety of users. … Read more

The obscure little PC that wanted to be a big NAS — super compact Maiyunda M1 doesn’t cost that much, offers up to 40TB SSD storage, runs Windows and has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports

At first glance, the Maiyunda M1 doesn’t look all that special. It’s a mini PC with a large on/off button on the front, alongside a TF card slot, a USB 3.0 port, and two USB 2.0 ports. On the rear, there are HDMI 2.0 and DP ports to allow the device to drive two screens … Read more