Ollama for Windows now available to run LLM’s locally

Microsoft Windows users who have been patiently waiting to use the fantastic Ollama app that allows you to run large language models (LLMs) on your local machine. Will be pleased to know that the Ollama development team has now released a Windows version. Previously only available on macOS and Linux, Ollama is now available to … Read more

How to run automated AI assistants on your Android phone

Thanks to the power of Android phones it’s now possible to run and install artificial intelligent (AI)  assistants on your mobile device enabling you to interact with a wide variety of different custom-built AI agents depending on your needs. Imagine a world where your mobile phone understands you so well that it can carry out … Read more

Run CodeLlama 70B locally for free for AI coding

Meta AI has recently introduced a new coding language model known as CodeLlama 70B, which is making significant strides in the way developers write and understand code. This advanced tool has achieved an impressive score on the HumanEval benchmark, indicating its high level of performance in code synthesis and comprehension. For developers looking to streamline … Read more

Locally run AI vision with Moondream tiny vision language model

If you would like the ability to run AI vision applications on your home computer you might be interested in a new language model called Moondream.  Capable of processing what you say, what you write, and even what you show it. Moondream, is a small size sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) vision language mode that’s offers impressive … Read more

Easy way to run speedy Small Language Models on a Raspberry Pi

Imagine transforming your Raspberry Pi into a smart conversational partner. If you have tried previously to run AI models on your Raspberry Pi been disappointed with the speeds of its responses. You will be pleased to know that there is a faster way, by installing a small language model, which can turn your mini PC … Read more

Open Interpreter update lets large language models LLMs run code

The software development community has just witnessed the arrival of Open Interpreter 0.2.0, an updated tool that promises to make coding and task management much more efficient. Open Interpreter lets large language models (LLMs) run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally. You can chat with Open Interpreter through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal … Read more

Microsoft reveals the hardware needed to run ChatGPT

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (AI), having a robust and powerful infrastructure is crucial, especially when you’re working with complex machine learning models like those used in natural language processing. Microsoft Azure is at the forefront of this technological landscape, offering an advanced AI supercomputing platform that’s perfectly suited for the demands of … Read more

Pinokio AI virtual computer, easily install, run, automate any AI app

Setting up and running the wealth of artificial intelligence applications, models and tools available can take considerable time. however one tool called Pinokio has been specifically designed to let you install, run and automate any AI application or model with a single click. Allowing you to enjoy using the AI rather than the setup process. … Read more

How to run AI models on a Raspberry Pi and single board computers (SBC)

If you are looking for a project to keep you busy this weekend you might be interested to know that it is possible to run artificial intelligence in the form of large language models (LLM) on small single board computers (SBC) such as the Raspberry Pi and others. With the launch of the new Raspberry … Read more