iPhone 16 ‘dummy’ units give us glimpse of upcoming changes

The iPhone 16 series might well look like these mockups. Photo: Sonny Dickson Images of iPhone 16 “dummy” units have been published by a tipster with an established record. They show the redesigned camera hump reportedly coming to the two non-Pro models and other changes. The pictures are the best look yet at the handsets … Read more

Apple didn’t give us the iPad update we wanted, it gave us what we needed instead

Go ahead and make fun of the Apple iPad on your favorite social network, I dare you. You will be swarmed by iPad fans, defending their favorite tablet to the death, which always seems to be just over the horizon for the tablet market. We got no new iPads in 2023, making it one of … Read more

SMBs believe AI is going to give them the edge when it comes to success

Small business owners are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in the market, new research has claimed. A GoDaddy study of over 500 US entrepreneurs found a growing confidence in the power of generative AI tools to drive business success. The findings indicate a positive shift in attitude towards AI among … Read more

Cancer-vaccine trials give reasons for optimism

Illustration: Andrew Khosravani Most people think of immunization as a way to prevent infectious disease. Vaccines contain proteins that the immune system can use to identify a pathogen, such as a virus, enabling the body to respond forcefully to it in future. But the immune system doesn’t only defend against foreign invaders — it also … Read more

Nvidia CEO says don’t give up learning new skills — just maybe leave programming to AI

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has clarified comments he made about the supposed “death of coding”. Huang had been criticized in the past for saying on several occasions that as AI platforms would soon be doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to coding, young people today should not necessarily consider learning it … Read more

AI image generators often give racist and sexist results: can they be fixed?

Illustration by Ada Zielińska In 2022, Pratyusha Ria Kalluri, a graduate student in artificial intelligence (AI) at Stanford University in California, found something alarming in image-generating AI programs. When she prompted a popular tool for ‘a photo of an American man and his house’, it generated an image of a pale-skinned person in front of … Read more

Could the gut give rise to alcohol addiction?

Illustration: Sam Falconer Andrew Day, a molecular microbiologist at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, is four years sober. His journey to this point inspires his work, which he hopes might help others who are struggling with alcohol. Nature Outlook: The human microbiome There are many risk factors associated with alcohol-use disorder (AUD), including mental-health conditions … Read more

iPhone 16 Pro leaked renders might give us our first look at rumored Capture Button

CAD files for what is purported to be the iPhone 16 Pro have recently surfaced online, giving people an idea of what Apple’s upcoming flagship may look like. According to tech news site 91mobiles, the smartphone will look similar to the iPhone 15 Pro with a few notable differences. First off, the 16 Pro is … Read more