Netflix’s official Atlas trailer puts Jennifer Lopez in another generic Terminator clone, but with Titanfall-like mechs

When we watched the teaser trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new sci-fi movie Atlas, we said that it looked like a cross between Terminator and The Creator with Neon Genesis Evangelion-like mechs thrown in for good measure. And now that a longer trailer has dropped, we’re thinking much the same.  The new Netflix movie looks very entertaining, with lots of … Read more

Oracle is moving its global HQ in major healthcare switch

Oracle has confirmed it will soon relocating its global headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee, in a moved apparently aimed at positioning the company closer to a major hub in the healthcare industry. The announcement, made by company chairman Larry Ellison at the Oracle Health Summit, marks a surprising shift from the company’s previous decision to move … Read more

Antivirus updates hijacked to drop dangerous malware

Imagine if your antivirus program infected your computer with malware – that’s exactly what happened to some eScan antivirus users recently. A new report from Avast has explained how a threat actor, possibly of North Korean affiliation, used a vulnerability in the antivirus program to sideload a backdoor called GuptiMiner.  Apparently, after obtaining an adversary-in-the-middle … Read more

Cosmic rentals

Hey guys! Welcome to Cosmic Rentals. Endless Entertainment for the Endless. First time here? Awesome. We’ll get you registered for a new account when you’re ready to check out, but first, I’m gonna go ahead and give you a tour of the store, explain the rental process, show you the genre selection, all that. So, … Read more

Qualcomm is expanding its next-gen laptop chip line with the Snapdragon X Plus

Last fall, Qualcomm revealed a major upgrade for its laptop chips with the And while we’re still waiting for those processors to make their way into retail devices, today Qualcomm is expanding the line with the Snapdragon X Plus, which I had a chance to test out ahead of its arrival on gadgets later this … Read more

Google Chrome delays third-party cookies plan yet again

In a frankly unsurprising change of course, Google has once again delayed the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. The decision arrives two days before the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will release its joint quarterly report on the matter with Google. The tech giant blames feedback from the industry, regulators and … Read more