Popular SSD vendor uses clever trick to make slower, less durable flash components perform much better — but don’t expect miracles

Although QLC NAND is capable of storing substantial amounts of data, it falls behind in performance when compared to other NAND types. Because it’s denser (housing four bits per cell) than TLC (which accommodates three), it’s typically slower and less robust. Western Digital has employed a smart method to improve the performance and durability of … Read more

Obscure Chinese tablet maker quietly unveiled a tablet with a sought-after feature no other tablet vendor dare launch — a 4K display that not even Apple, Google or Samsung can match

Doogee has unveiled a low cost tablet with a surprising selling point. The Doogee T30 Max, a new and upgraded version of the firm’s T30 series tablet, sports a 12.4 inch IPS 4K Display. Yes, 4K. That’s an impressive achievement for any tablet, let alone one retailing for $329 (or $296 when you apply the … Read more

This popular gaming PC vendor believes it can make AI training much more affordable for small businesses — Maingear partners with Phison to deliver a quad-GPU system using Nvidia’s RTX 6000 Ada

The surge in demand for large-scale generative AI models has led to a significant increase in hardware requirements, making model training costly and inaccessible for many SMBs and educational establishments. High-performance custom PC builder Maingear has partnered with storage giant Phison on a new range of Maingear Pro AI workstations that boast powerful Intel Xeon … Read more

TikTok owner is quietly doing an ‘Apple’ — ByteDance invests in Chinese memory pioneer, months after a similar move in a GPU vendor, as it plans for an Apple Vision Pro VR rival

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has reportedly quietly invested in Xinyuan Semiconductors, a Chinese memory chip manufacturer.  A report from Pandaily, a tech media site based in Beijing, the move reportedly positions ByteDance as the third-largest shareholder in the chip maker, holding an indirect stake of 9.5%. A ByteDance spokesperson confirmed this previously undisclosed investment to … Read more

World’s largest laptop vendor quietly releases robot with six legs — Lenovo Daystar Bot GS is IP-rated and reminds us of Boston Dynamics’ andro-dogs

There can’t be many people who haven’t seen at least one video of Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot performing tricks like going up and down stairs, spinning, dancing, jumping, and carrying objects. The robot isn’t just for fun however. It can be used for a variety of work tasks, such as inspecting industrial sites and … Read more