Apple Cuts Vision Pro Shipments As Demand Falls ‘Sharply Beyond Expectations’

Apple has dropped the number of Vision Pro units that it plans to ship in 2024, going from an expected 700 to 800k units to just 400k to 450k units, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Orders have been scaled back before the Vision Pro has launched in markets outside of the United States, which … Read more

Apple Vision Pro Customer Interest Dying Down at Some Retail Stores

Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s $3,500 spatial computing device, appears to be following a pattern familiar to the AR/VR headset industry – initial enthusiasm giving way to a significant dip in sustained interest and usage. Since its debut in the U.S. in February 2024, excitement for the ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ has noticeably cooled, according to Bloomberg‘s … Read more

Apple really wants businesses to use the Vision Pro — from factories to offices, could its wearable tech be more common soon?

Apple says it sees its Vision Pro headset as an essential addition to every business and is pushing for more enterprises to adopt the firm’s advanced wearable tech. While spatial computing certainly has a role in business, allowing firms to create experiences that were, until now, impossible, or at least, unrealistic, many firms remain unconvinced … Read more

Best Buy Launches Apple Vision Pro App for Previewing Tech Products

Best Buy today announced the launch of a new “Envision” app designed for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Envision is designed to allow Best Buy customers to explore different products and see how those products look in their own living spaces. According to Best Buy, the Envision app is meant to help consumers plan their … Read more

Native Microsoft OneNote App Now Available for Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft today introduced a version of OneNote that is designed to run on the Apple Vision Pro headset. OneNote for Vision Pro was created for visionOS, and it includes many of the features that are available on OneNote for iPad. The app can be used to write memos, notes, and digital notebooks, and there are … Read more

Pimax’s new VR headset can swap between QLED and OLED displays – but the Vision Pro beats it in one important way

Pimax has unveiled two new VR headsets with the top of the line Pimax Crystal Super seemingly set to put the best VR headsets to shame – even the Apple Vision Pro – with some phenomenal specs. It also has one of most unique display features we’ve ever seen: you can swap between an OLED … Read more

I tried Samsung’s new small OLED TV, and it’s a winner despite lacking Dolby Vision HDR

In 2024, Samsung is introducing its first OLED TVs smaller than 55-inches, as part of the Samsung S90D model range. These 42-inch (US only) and 48-inch (US & UK) TVs won’t use the bright QD-OLED panel type that earned the Samsung S90C our TV of the Year Award for 2023, but instead will use the … Read more

MSI is offering 5 new AI-powered gaming desktops, with the Vision Elite available now

MSI, which releases some of the best gaming PCs in the market, is launching several lines of desktops including the Aegis 14th series, Codex 14th series, and the newly released Vision 14th Series. Each one features 14th-Gen Intel Core processors and Nvidia RTX 4000-series graphics cards, though the exact configurations differ. The Vision Elite is … Read more

Are networks ready for Apple Vision Pro?

The term ‘Metaverse’ originated in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, Snow Crash, where it depicted a virtual realm offering an escape from reality for characters. Stephenson’s visionary concept of the Metaverse has since transitioned from fiction to (virtual) reality over the past decade. Augmented and virtual reality technologies have advanced the concept of the Metaverse, now … Read more

You’re not wearing Vision Pro wrong and Apple isn’t hiding anything

I would be lying if I said that wearing Apple Vision Pro feels like you’re wearing nothing, so I’m not surprised that some overly enthusiastic wearers are complaining of headaches, neck aches, and even black eyes. It’s enough to prompt me, if not Apple to say, “You’re wearing it wrong.” Apple is not saying that, … Read more