Klipsch Flexus Sound System brings big home-theater sound

Wish you could find affordable componments to build up mighty home-theater sound? Two trusted names in home audio — Klipsch and Onkyo — just teamed up to give you that with the new Klipsch Flexus Sound System. The lineup of soundbars, wireless speakers and subwoofers starts at $349. This post contains affiliate links. Cult of … Read more

Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Fast. Yours Could Be Next

Solano‐Rojas and his colleagues found subsidence in the area of an overpass near the Olivos station, which collapsed in 2021 while a Metro train was traveling over it. “We did part of this analysis before 2021, and we detected that that area was having differential displacements,” says Solano‐Rojas. “We were like, ‘Oh, yeah, it looks … Read more

Apple Researchers Reveal New AI System That Can Beat GPT-4

Apple researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system named ReALM (Reference Resolution as Language Modeling) that aims to radically enhance how voice assistants understand and respond to commands. In a research paper (via VentureBeat), Apple outlines a new system for how large language models tackle reference resolution, which involves deciphering ambiguous references to on-screen entities, … Read more

This startup wants to take on Nvidia with a server-on-a-chip to eliminate what it calls an already flawed system — faster GPU, CPU, LPU, TPU or NIC will not deliver the leap that many firms are aiming for

According to Israeli startup NeuReality, many AI possibilities aren’t fully realized due to the cost and complexity of building and scaling AI systems.  Current solutions are not optimized for inference and rely on general-purpose CPUs, which were not designed for AI. Moreover, CPU-centric architectures necessitate multiple hardware components, resulting in underutilized Deep Learning Accelerators (DLAs) … Read more

How to make an old immune system young again

Blood stem cells (example pictured; artificially coloured) generate red blood cells and immune cells.Credit: Science Photo Library Old mice developed more youthful immune systems after scientists reduced aberrant stem cells in the aged animals1. The technique strengthened the old rodents’ responses to viral infection and lowered signs of inflammation. The approach, published on 27 March … Read more

Radius System 100 kicks off clone Mac era: Today in Apple history

March 27, 1995: The Radius System 100, the first official Macintosh clone, launches. A high-end computer made by a company founded by several notable Macintosh alumni, this marvelous machine kicks off the era of clone Macs in grand fashion. However, it won’t be long until things take a turn for the worse. Radius System 100 … Read more

Apple Readying In-Box iPhone Software Update System for Retail Stores

Apple is set to roll out a new system that allows retail store staff to wirelessly update the software on iPhones prior to sale, without having to take them out of their packaging. Writing in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said the new proprietary system, called “Presto,” relies on … Read more

This popular gaming PC vendor believes it can make AI training much more affordable for small businesses — Maingear partners with Phison to deliver a quad-GPU system using Nvidia’s RTX 6000 Ada

The surge in demand for large-scale generative AI models has led to a significant increase in hardware requirements, making model training costly and inaccessible for many SMBs and educational establishments. High-performance custom PC builder Maingear has partnered with storage giant Phison on a new range of Maingear Pro AI workstations that boast powerful Intel Xeon … Read more

‘What if the operating system is the problem’: Linux was never created for the cloud — so engineers developed DBOS, a new operating system that is part OS, part database

Michael Stonebraker has developed several influential database management systems over the years, including Ingres, PostgreSQL, and VoltDB. Matei Zaharia is the creator of Apache Spark and co-founder and CTO of Databricks.  Working with a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, the pair have created a revolutionary prototype operating system called DBOS … Read more