How to use new ChatGPT Memory feature released by OpenAI

OpenAI has introduced a new “Memory” feature for ChatGPT, which allows the artificial intelligence (AI) to remember user-provided information across conversations. This update aims to make interactions with ChatGPT more efficient by reducing the need for users to repeat information in future chats.  Users have full control over ChatGPT’s memory, with the ability to instruct … Read more

Arduino IDE 2.3 rolls out with new debugging feature

The Arduino development team has recently unveiled the latest version of their Integrated Development Environment (IDE), version 2.3, which brings a host of improvements to the platform. This update is particularly exciting for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike, as it introduces a stable debugging feature that promises to make coding more reliable and efficient. The … Read more

How to use ChatGPT new GPT Mentions feature more effectively

With new advancements being made every week in the realm of artificial intelligence new features are being added to already existing AI models. One such tool that’s making waves is the new feature in ChatGPT known as GPT Mentions. This innovative addition is transforming the way we interact with text generation technology, making it simpler … Read more

How to use the new ChatGPT Mentions feature for custom GPTs

OpenAI has recently rolled out a new feature to ChatGPT which changes the way you can interact with the companies artificial intelligence. Last month OpenAI launched its highly anticipated GPT Store allowing users to share custom GPT AI models with other subscribers. The new update for ChatGPT, particularly focusing on the GPT-4 model is called  … Read more

Midjourney 6 Consistent Styles feature and updates this week

At the latest weekly office hours briefing, Midjourney has announced a series of updates that are set to enhance the experience for its users. The highlight of these updates is the introduction of version 6 Beta, which promises to deliver improved image quality and a more user-friendly interface. This new version is designed to make … Read more

Google releases new January Pixel feature drop

Google has announced the release of a new January feature drop for the Pixel smartphones, this update brings some new features which include the new Circle to Search feature that we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch. Other new features included in this release are Magic Compose for Google Messages, the ability to respond … Read more

Runway AI text-to-video Ambient Motion Control feature demo

Runway the text-to-video AI service is transforming the way we create videos and animations with a powerful new feature that allows users to add motion to static images with incredible precision. This ambient control setting is a breakthrough for those who use the platform, offering a sophisticated method to animate AI-generated content. Whether you’re looking … Read more

Samsung Health gets new Medications Tracking Feature

Samsung has announced that it is adding a new Medications tracking feature to Samsung Health for its Galaxy range of devices, this new featurer will allow uyou to track your medication and manage your health. Upon entering the name of a select medication into Samsung Health, the Medications feature will provide users with detailed information … Read more

How to Activate AI Feature on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Are you a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user yearning to unlock the full artistic potential of your device’s photos? You will be pleased to know that nestled within your phone is a powerful, yet often overlooked, AI-based feature that can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary artistic masterpieces. The video below from Sakitech delves into the … Read more