Simply NUC Onyx Intel i9 Windows 11 small form factor PC review

Thanks to the team at Simply NUC we have been given a chance to test out the new Onyx v9 NUC13OXv9 small form factor PC which is capable of supporting up to a massive 96GB of DDR5-5200 memory and a staggering 16TB of storage. The Onyx Intel NUC mini PC is available with a selection of … Read more

Microsoft’s Orca-2 13B small language model outperforms 70B AI

Microsoft has recently released a new research paper for its next generation Orca-2 AI model. Demonstrating that the power of artificial intelligence is not just reserved for the largest and most complex systems, but also thrives within more compact and accessible frameworks. Microsoft has made a bold stride in this direction with the introduction of … Read more

Powerful TANK 03 Intel Core i7 or i9 small form factor gaming PC

If you are considering upgrading your large desktop computer to something a little more refined and compact. Or are looking for something a little more portable yet packs plenty of power. You might be interested in the TANK 03 Intel Core i7/i9 performance small form factor gaming PC. Created by Ace Magic the company’s engineers … Read more

Nanotechnology’s Impact on Medicine: Small Tech, Big Changes

The world of medicine is in the midst of a profound transformation, and at the heart of this revolution is a field that deals with the exceptionally tiny – nanotechnology. This captivating blend of science and engineering has ushered in an era where manipulating matter at the nanoscale, with structures smaller than 100 nanometers, is … Read more

6 Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Most small business owners don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. They tend to tackle it as an afterthought, rather than something that deserves time and money. After all, marketing is how you keep existing customers and find new ones. Most people now understand the merit of digital marketing and there are … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Displays for Small Business Owners

Growing a local business can be challenging. It’s essential to create strong connections within your community and effectively compete with other businesses in your industry. Trade show events are an excellent opportunity to promote your small business, and it’s crucial to create high-quality displays that leave a lasting impression. To help small business owners, we … Read more

Effective Processes for Highly Effective Deal Making in Small Business Acquisition

When looking to buy an online business, the process of deal making can seem both exciting and daunting.  It’s an opportunity to grow, diversify, or even transform your existing business.  However, the process involves more than just financial transactions; it requires a keen understanding of strategic alignment, value creation, cultural integration, and more.  The success … Read more