Spatial Personas on Vision Pro arrive with visionOS 1.1

Apple will make Spatial Personas, a more lifelike enhancement of the Persona feature for the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, available in the visionOS 1.1 update coming Tuesday. In beta test versions of the software, Spatial Personas allow Vision Pro users to create and interact with customizable, free-floating 3D digital avatars in virtual spaces. They enhance … Read more

Vision Pro spatial Personas are like Apple’s version of the metaverse without the Meta

While the initial hype over Apple Vision Pro may have died down, Apple is still busy developing and rolling out fresh updates, including a new one that lets multiple Personas work and play together. Apple briefly demonstrated this capability when it introduced the Vision Pro and gave me my first test-drive last year but now … Read more

Spatial Personas Coming to Apple Vision Pro in Beta Today

Apple today announced that Spatial Personas are now available for all Vision Pro users in a public beta. Apple previewed Spatial Personas at WWDC last year. Unlike the existing Personas feature, which is confined to a tile and facial expressions only, Spatial Personas allow Vision Pro users to “break out of the familiar FaceTime tile … Read more

Spatial Personas Available on Vision Pro Today With visionOS 1.2 Beta

Spatial Personas will be available on Apple’s Vision Pro headset starting today with the upcoming visionOS 1.2 beta, according to Road to VR. Inverse‘s Raymond Wong shared his first impressions of Spatial Personas. More details to follow… Popular Stories Top Stories: WWDC 2024 Announced, New iPads Delayed, and More Apple’s WWDC 2024 dates have been … Read more

$3 App Shoots Better Quality Spatial Video Than iPhone’s Camera App

A $3 third-party app can now record spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro models in a higher resolution than Apple’s very own Camera app. Thanks to an update first spotted by UploadVR, Spatialify can now record spatial videos with HDR in 1080p at 60fps or in 4K at 30fps. In comparison, Apple’s native Camera app … Read more

Tarsier 3D VR180 8K spatial video UHD camera with live streaming

The Tarsier 8K VR camera is a compact user-friendly and high-quality virtual reality (VR) camera. The Tarsier camera is designed to shoot 8K spatial video with two side-by-side lenses, mimicking the perspective of human eyes. Not only is it compatible with popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok, but its compact, lightweight, and portable design also … Read more