Intel powers up XeSS upscaling to deliver faster frame rates for Arc GPUs – up to 30% quicker – and better image quality

Intel has unleashed a new version of its XeSS upscaling tech that rivals Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR for speeding up frame rates in PC games. Intel XeSS 1.3 is fresh on the scene, although note that it’s still in preview testing right now, with Team Blue claiming some decent performance boosts compared to XeSS … Read more

New Expert RAW update adds lossless option for higher quality photos

Last updated: April 4th, 2024 at 16:22 UTC+02:00 This week, Samsung started rolling out a new update to its pro-grade mobile photography app, Expert RAW. The update pushes the app to version and brings one major feature photography enthusiasts should find very useful. Namely, Expert RAW v3.0.05.12 now lets users capture lossless RAW photos. … Read more

Celestron Trailseeker Review: High Quality Binoculars Without the High Price

I started bird-watching around the age of 0. That’s what happens when your parents are birders. I started using binoculars by age 5, an ancient pair of Bushnell 10x50s I’d grab when my father wasn’t looking. They were huge—so heavy I could barely lift them—but the world they opened up was well worth the neck … Read more

$3 App Shoots Better Quality Spatial Video Than iPhone’s Camera App

A $3 third-party app can now record spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro models in a higher resolution than Apple’s very own Camera app. Thanks to an update first spotted by UploadVR, Spatialify can now record spatial videos with HDR in 1080p at 60fps or in 4K at 30fps. In comparison, Apple’s native Camera app … Read more

Apple TV+ offers best quality movies and show, survey finds

Apple TV+ may not pack in as many movies and TV shows as other major streaming platforms, but what it showcases rates highest for quality on IMDb, according to a new report. Apple TV+ tops quality ratings in 19 genre categories on the movie-database site, including drama, comedy, action, biography and children’s content. But its … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 update that improves camera quality released in India

Earlier today, Samsung released the April 2024 software update to the Galaxy S24 series in South Korea and Europe. It brings several camera quality improvements to all Galaxy S24 series phones. Now, the same update is rolling out in India as well. Galaxy S24’s camera fixing April 2024 update available in India The new software … Read more

AMD’s FSR 3.1 promises improved image quality – with less flickering, better motion – and a trick that’ll delight some Nvidia GPU owners

AMD has announced its next-gen upscaling box of tricks to make frame rates smoother with PC games at GDC 2024. This is FSR 3.1, and it sounds like a big step forward – and not just for the quality of the upscaling tech, since there’s a surprise in tow for Nvidia (and Intel Arc) GPU … Read more

The Power of Acoustic Screens: Enhancing Sound Quality in Any Space

In a world filled with noise, finding tranquility and focus can be a challenge. Whether you’re working in a bustling office, studying in a noisy classroom, or simply trying to enjoy a quiet dinner at a crowded restaurant, the solution to these auditory dilemmas often lies in the innovative technology of Écrans acoustiques. Introduction Acoustic … Read more

How to Evaluate the Quality and Durability of Hurricane-Proof Windows

Hurricane-resistant windows can help protect your home from serious damage during a severe storm. These specialized windows must pass several tests before they are considered hurricane-proof. One of the most important is the large missile impact test. This test shoots a nine-pound two-by-four at the window, first toward its center, then toward a corner. Structural … Read more

Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Cooler: Get the Best Air Quality

The Arctic Air Pure Chill personal air cooler offers respite from the heat and dry air. The key is Hydro-Chill Technology, which uses evaporative cooling to turn hot air into a chilly, pleasant ambiance. Because an air cooler cools fresh air, the air quality in the region it supplies is substantially improved. Humidification also helps … Read more