Elgato Neo devices arrive to make video calls and streaming easy

The new Elgato Neo range of devices — condenser microphone, webcam, LED key light, capture card and stream deck — simplifies video calls, content creation and video streaming for newbies, the company said Thursday. The gear also looks good doing it, with a unified white design across all five devices. All the Neo products are … Read more

Elusive Spotify Lossless Option May Arrive as Paid ‘Music Pro’ Add-on

Spotify’s elusive lossless music experience is being teased again, this time based on code uncovered by The Verge in recent builds of the Spotify app for Android. More than three years have elapsed since Spotify announced its intention to offer a “HiFi” premium option that would give users access to a catalog of CD-quality music … Read more

Nvidia’s RTX 5080 and 5090 GPUs might arrive later in 2024 — and it’s honestly way too soon

Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards, reportedly known as Nvidia Blackwell, has been the subject of plenty of rumors since at least 2023.  The most recent one seems to confirm that the RTX 5080 and RTX 5090 will be launching in Q4 2024, according to Twitter leaker Kopite7kimi and reported on by PC Gamer. While … Read more

Spatial Personas on Vision Pro arrive with visionOS 1.1

Apple will make Spatial Personas, a more lifelike enhancement of the Persona feature for the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, available in the visionOS 1.1 update coming Tuesday. In beta test versions of the software, Spatial Personas allow Vision Pro users to create and interact with customizable, free-floating 3D digital avatars in virtual spaces. They enhance … Read more

Foldable iPhone Could Arrive in 2027 or Be Postponed Indefinitely

Apple’s proposed launch schedule for its first foldable iPhone has been delayed until 2027 due to technical challenges, claims a report out of Korea. According to Alpha Biz (via DigiTimes), Apple executives have adjusted the launch schedule for the foldable ‌iPhone‌ from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first quarter of 2027 following issues … Read more

Fitbit’s health chatbot will arrive later this year

Like most other corners of the tech world, Google sees AI powering the next innovations in health technology. The company’s annual The Check Up event expanded on its plans to add a personal health chatbot to the Fitbit app, expand Google Lens for better skin condition searches and use a version of its Gemini chatbot … Read more

The Morning After: The PS5 Pro may arrive this year

Yeah, it’s not just Nintendo prepping new console hardware for 2024. Insider Gaming reports details for the PS5 Pro come from documentation Sony recently sent to third-party developers. Hold onto your skepticism. Based on the reports, the PS5 Pro will offer a more consistent frame rate (fps) at 4K and a performance mode for 8K … Read more