Apple releases visionOS 1.1 beta 3 for the Vision Pro

Apple has launched visionOS 1.1 beta 3 for the Apple Vision Pro, closely following the release of the initial beta version of visionOS. Along with this, Apple has released a series of other beta versions, including macOS Sonoma 14.4, iOS 17.3 beta 4, iPadOS 17.3 beta 4, and watchOS 10.4 beta 4. This update enhances … Read more

How to Build Apple Vision Pro and visionOS Apps

Embarking on the journey of developing apps for the Apple Vision Pro with Apple’s visionOS then we have a great video from Beyond Fireship that gives us more details on how to build apps for the platform. This exploration not only demystifies the process but also unveils the vast potential for developers in the burgeoning … Read more