Oppo Air Glass 3 unveiled at Mobile World Congress

Oppo unveiled a new device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the new Oppo Air Glass 3 prototype and the devcie works with Oppos AndesGPT via a smartphone, and Oppo smartphone users will soon be able to connect their devices to Microsoft’s Copilot. Thanks to its ability to understand various data types, including text, … Read more

Samsung shows off its latest AI devices at World of Samsung

Samsung is showcasing its latest AI devices at World of Samsung, this includes TVs, smart home devices, digital appliances, mobile devices, and more devices in its range that come with AI features built-in. “At Samsung, we innovate to create experiences that help our customers live more convenient and connected lives. From our first AI smartphone … Read more

The world is not ready for ChatGPT-5 says OpenAI

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research lab responsible for creating the ChatGPT AI models, has sparked concern about society’s readiness for advanced AI systems, such as the hypothetical ChatGPT-5. The statement, made by an OpenAI employee, suggests that the organization is intentionally not sharing certain AI technologies widely, hoping to prompt a social response to … Read more

OpenAI and 1X Robotics autonomous robots will change the world

Yesterday  in a groundbreaking collaboration, OpenAI and 1X Robotics have unveiled a new robot that is capturing the attention of the tech world. This robot, known as the EVE, is a fully autonomous robot that can operate on its own, without the need for human guidance. It’s a significant step forward in the field of … Read more

1,500 drones flying in formation set two Guinness World Records

Guinness world records have been broken as the sky was illuminated by a breathtaking spectacle of drones flying in formation that captured the hearts of audiences around the globe. More than 1,500 drones took flight, setting not one, but two Guinness World Records. The drones painted the night with a retelling of “The Nutcracker,” a … Read more

How foundation models are changing the world of AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our daily lives faster than anyone thought possible. It’s changing the way we live in many ways, every day, week, and month, as companies introduce new innovations. They are competing to create the most advanced AI tools and services. In this competition, foundation models have become key. These … Read more

TITAN ARMY stuns the gaming monitor world with its new releases

Sponsored: TITAN ARMY, a dominant force in the Chinese e-sports monitor industry, brings almost a decade of experience in delivering top-notch displays. Boasting a substantial R&D office space exceeding 6,000 square meters, a team of more than 300 engineers, and a wealth of 260 patents and multiple global awards such as the Red Dot Design … Read more

What is Data Lineage and why is it so critical in today’s world?

Data lineage is a vital aspect of data management. It refers to the life-cycle of data, including its origins, movements, characteristics, and quality. This article delves into the concept of data lineage, exploring its definition, importance, role, and impact on various aspects of data management and business decision-making. Data lineage can be described as the … Read more

80+ ChatGPT-4 Vision features and real world applications explored

If you haven’t yet had a chance to use the ChatGPT-4 Vision AI image analysis technology recently rolled out to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users by OpenAI. Would like to know more about how you can use its features in real world applications. This overview guide provides plenty of examples of how ChatGPT Vision can … Read more

Briansclub: Navigating the Dark Web’s Controversial World of Dumps

In the shadowy world of the internet, there exists a platform that has gained notoriety for its underground services – Briansclub. This article delves into the realm of Briansclub, examining what it is, how to access it, and the controversial topic of “dumps” it offers. We will also explore the pros and cons of using … Read more