Microsoft and Google vie for top spot in productivity and business app leadership in latest report — Google has a upper hand due to its platform dominance but Microsoft’s LinkedIn emerges as the ultimate Pro social network

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LG Gram SuperSlim review: solid productivity and style, but falls short on a number of fronts

LG Gram SuperSlim: Two-minute review LG launched a separate laptop in its Gram lineup called the LG Gram SuperSlim, which borrows heavily from the adjacent 2023 LG Gram Style model in terms of its looks. However, the latter was a disappointment in terms of performance, despite my loving the extremely thin and light chassis and … Read more

This gadget promises to increase productivity inside your vehicle by converting ICE screens into displays — and even includes Samsung DeX compatibility for free

Mayton Motion has developed a wireless adapter that transforms a car’s navigation screen into a functional laptop-like display. Users can access a range of new features by connecting the device via the car’s USB port. AutoPro X is powered by Android Auto/Samsung DeX (it only works with Samsung Galaxy models that support DeX) and offers … Read more

Why printers are the ideal productivity tool for home and office workers alike

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30 years of the Dell Latitude – from impressive battery-powered productivity to AI PCs

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