Love Chrome’s Memory Saver tool? Google will soon give you more control over how aggressive it is

Google introduced the Memory Saver feature to its Chrome browser in February 2023 and has been enhancing it ever since. Now a new option will give users even more control over Memory Saver by introducing a way to configure its aggressiveness. While Memory Saver is an excellent tool — as it addresses Chrome’s RAM issue … Read more

Select iPhones can imitate Google’s handy Circle to Search tool with new shortcut

A select handful of Pixel and Galaxy smartphones have the exclusive Circle to Search feature. By holding down the home button on one of the models, an overlay will appear “that lets you circle… objects” on screen to identify them through Google Search. We’ve wondered if and when Google plans on widely rolling out Circle … Read more

Ditch Microsoft’s data-gathering and take control of your Windows 11 experience with the new Tiny11 Builder tool

The developers of Tiny11 (a slimmed-down third-party version of Windows 11) have released a new version of their Tiny11 Builder, a tool that enables you to modify and customize your own version of Windows 11 to make it more trimmed-down.  This version will allow you to make Windows 11 ISOs (installation media) with disabled telemetry … Read more

Network specialist debuts free tool that promises to solve VPN and ZTNA connectivity issues for good

Hybrid access as a service (HAaaS) provider Cloudbrink has created a new tool that can measure packet loss impact, revealing the deep-seated causes of network and application performance problems affecting the hybrid workforce.  Cloudbrink’s own research reveals as little as 0.0047% packet loss in conjunction with 30ms latency can cause a dramatic decline in speed, … Read more

How reliable is this research? Tool flags papers discussed on PubPeer

RedacTek’s tool alerts users to PubPeer discussions, and indicates when a study, or the papers that it cites, has been retracted.Credit: deepblue4you/Getty A free online tool released earlier this month alerts researchers when a paper cites studies that are mentioned on the website PubPeer, a forum scientists often use to raise integrity concerns surrounding published … Read more

14 Last-Minute Tool Deals From Home Depot and Lowe’s: Power Tools, Yard Tools, Hand Tools

Spring isn’t just the time for cleaning your home. It’s also the time for renovating, refurbishing, and restoring. That yardwork project you put off last fall? Those garage projects you wanted to do all winter when it was too cold to work out there? Now’s the time to stock up on tools and gear, but … Read more

Microsoft strips Windows 11’s Control Panel of another tool – is the writing on the wall?

The sun continues to set on the iconic Windows Control Panel, as another key part, the Fonts page, makes its way to the Settings app instead. The Control Panel isn’t on the way out just yet, but it’s directing users to the Settings app for an increasing number of functions. And now, reports suggest that … Read more

Discover if your data have been leaked with Proton Mail’s new tool

Proton Mail has just unveiled a new Dark Web Monitoring feature in a bid to bolster its security capabilities against widespread data breaches.  Incidents of data leaks are reportedly on the rise, as billions of people’s credentials are exposed. The longer this sensitive information remains on the web, the easier is for cybercriminals to exploit … Read more

Mandiant CEO: AI “just another tool in the toolbox” for cybercrime now — so how do we fight back

The role of AI in security has come under severe scrutiny in recent years as companies of all sizes look to establish their footing in the industry. The recent Google Cloud Next 24 event saw a major focus on AI, but security was also a prominent presence, with a number of security-focused releases and services … Read more

I just saw what Half-Life 2 should look like in 2024, and I’ve changed my mind about Nvidia’s RTX Remix tool

In a darkened room at Nvidia’s ‘Future of Gaming’ showcase at a fancy London hotel earlier this week, I was ushered before a bank of computer screens showing live gameplay from a very exciting game: Valve’s Half-Life 2. Alright, HL2 isn’t a new game – in fact, it turns 20 this year! – but it’s … Read more