LG Gram SuperSlim review: solid productivity and style, but falls short on a number of fronts

LG Gram SuperSlim: Two-minute review LG launched a separate laptop in its Gram lineup called the LG Gram SuperSlim, which borrows heavily from the adjacent 2023 LG Gram Style model in terms of its looks. However, the latter was a disappointment in terms of performance, despite my loving the extremely thin and light chassis and … Read more

Apple’s new iPad Pro 11-inch could be in short supply due to Samsung

Apple is ready to launch its new flagship iPads, and the company has teased its next launch event for May 7. That’s when Apple’s new OLED-equipped iPad Pros will likely be unveiled, but one of those iPads could be in short supply due to Samsung. Apple’s OLED 11-inch iPad Pro could face shortages Apple is … Read more

14 Best Podcasts for Kids (2023): Long-Form, Short Stories, and More

The mix of content makes for a podcast that should satisfy even the pickiest of listeners. New episodes arrive every other week. There are also transcripts available so your kids can read along while listening to improve literacy. Story Seeds Apple, Google, Stitcher Courtesy of The Story Seeds Podcast Story Seeds is a relatively new … Read more

How to use ChatGPT to create simple short videos using VideoGPT

Users of OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) and large language model have benefited from an explosion of custom GPTs since OpenAI launched its GPT store earlier this month.  One custom GPT worth checking out if you would like to create short animated videos is ChatGPT VideoGPT by VEED. An innovative platform that harnesses the power … Read more

A Short Rundown of the Most Popular Items Online That Influencers Should Be Aware of

If you’re an online influencer, keeping up with trends can be a real chore. The world is changing faster than ever, and with it, the preferences of those who buy online change, too. So, getting the right information is paramount as you don’t want to miss out on a trend or arrive too late and … Read more