Blender 4 free 3D animation software launches

If you fancy starting a career in 3D animation you might be interested to know that the latest Blender 3D animation software has launched this month and is now available to download as Blender 4.0. The latest iteration of the renowned free 3D animation software, bringing a host of new features and updates that promise … Read more

ChatGPT voice communication is now free for everyone

If you find typing out your communications with ChatGPT a little tiresome. You might be interested to know that OpenAI has today announced it has made its ChatGPT voice communication feature available to everyone for free. Once only available to paying ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users the ChatGPT voice conversation system is now available to … Read more

Apple Emergency SOS via satellite extended for free

Apple has this week announced that it is extending its Emergency SOS via satellite service for an additional year for free to eat existing iPhone 14 uses. The company’s innovative Emergency SOS via satellite service, which has been available for a year on all iPhone 14 models in the U.S. and Canada, has now been … Read more

HILIGHT R9 curved desk light for flicker free illumination from $79

Anyone searching for professional lighting to illuminate their workspace or desktop may be interested in a new curved desk light specifically designed to provide flicker free illumination and taking the form of the HILIGHT R9. In an era where people spend a significant portion of their time indoors, the importance of quality lighting cannot be … Read more

How to write DallE 3 prompts to create amazing AI art for free

Since the stealthy rollout of OpenAI’s DallE 3 AI art image creator and its integration into Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator  more and more impressive artwork has been created using easy to write text based prompts. when compared to other AI art generators such as Midjourney that require a more technical approach to writing prompts with … Read more

Nickel Free Jewellery: The Facts You Should Know

Have you ever entertained the language of your jewellery choices? Imagine expressing your distinct style through meticulously selected pieces that not only amplify your appearance but also serve as a mirror to your persona. Now, paint a mental picture: you’re ready to make a statement with your favoured necklace or those captivating earrings, but abruptly, … Read more