Los modelos Samsung Odyssey OLED, Smart Displays y ViewFinity se han actualizado con funciones de inteligencia artificial en India

Samsung El jueves se lanzaron en India versiones actualizadas de sus series de monitores de juegos Smart Monitor, ViewFinity y Odyssey OLED. Actualmente están disponibles para su compra en el país. La compañía también está ampliando ofertas por tiempo limitado para comprar algunas de estas variantes. Los últimos monitores Samsung están equipados con pantallas de … Read more

Apple’s thinner new iPad Pros feature an M4 chip and “tandem” OLED displays

Apple’s new iPad Pro models are its most laptop-like tablets yet. They’re the first devices powered by the company’s M4 chip, which will deliver faster performance and more AI capabilities. And, for the first time outside of the iPhone and Apple Watch, both the new 11-inch and (slightly larger) 13-inch iPad Pros will sport OLED … Read more

Samsung displays to power cutting-edge Racing Unleashed sim rigs

Last updated: May 6th, 2024 at 13:33 UTC+02:00 Sim racing gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with many more enthusiasts than ever wanting to experience the thrill of racing or driving from the comfort of their homes. Incidentally, Samsung display technologies and sim racing often overlapped, and that’s even more true now that … Read more

MacBook Pro and PC setup relies on display’s KVM switch

Today’s beautiful MacBook Pro and PC setup lets the two “frenemy” computers work easily in the same setup through a 4K external display’s built-in KVM switch. That means no messing around with cables, and no swapping out or re-pairing peripherals. This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use … Read more

This gadget promises to increase productivity inside your vehicle by converting ICE screens into displays — and even includes Samsung DeX compatibility for free

Mayton Motion has developed a wireless adapter that transforms a car’s navigation screen into a functional laptop-like display. Users can access a range of new features by connecting the device via the car’s USB port. AutoPro X is powered by Android Auto/Samsung DeX (it only works with Samsung Galaxy models that support DeX) and offers … Read more

‘A whole new generation of displays’: researchers develop RGB LED out of miracle material perovskite, paving the way for self sensing, solar powered displays — but its hour-long service life needs to be improved first

The majority of personal gadgets feature LCD and OLED screens, but most just show information. To make these screens do more – like detecting touch or changing light levels – they need additional sensors. Researchers at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden have invented a new kind of screen where all these sensor functions are built … Read more

YouTube can stream 8K videos to your Meta Quest 3 – even though its displays aren’t 8K

Following news that Meta’s Quest 3’s getting some big mixed reality upgrades including an AI that can recognize furniture and improved passthrough quality, there’s yet another improvement on the way this time for one of my favorite Quest apps: YouTube. That’s because the VR version of the video-sharing platform now supports 8K video playback on … Read more

Modern MacBook and vintage displays make retro-cool setup

Multi-display computer setups with asymmetrical placements — aka, screens oriented in landscape and portrait orientations — are so popular that even vintage Apple displays are getting in the action. Today’s featured rig uses a modern MacBook and vintage displays. A M1 Pro MacBook Pro from 2021 drives a Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display from many … Read more

Pimax’s new VR headset can swap between QLED and OLED displays – but the Vision Pro beats it in one important way

Pimax has unveiled two new VR headsets with the top of the line Pimax Crystal Super seemingly set to put the best VR headsets to shame – even the Apple Vision Pro – with some phenomenal specs. It also has one of most unique display features we’ve ever seen: you can swap between an OLED … Read more

Kobo’s new ereaders include its first with color displays

Rakuten has a trio of new Kobo ereaders, including the company’s first two with color displays. On Wednesday, the company revealed the $220 Kobo Libra Colour and $150 Clara Colour alongside the monochrome $130 Clara BW. You can preorder them today, ahead of their April 30 launch. The Kobo Libra Colour has a seven-inch E … Read more

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