El asistente de IA de Adobe Experience Platform con funciones de automatización y creación de contenido ya está disponible de forma generalizada

Adobe Adobe anunció el jueves la disponibilidad general de su asistente de inteligencia artificial Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). AEP es una plataforma de gestión de la experiencia del cliente a través de la cual las empresas pueden monitorear y analizar los datos de los clientes e implementar campañas de marketing para sus productos y servicios. … Read more

Titan OS is a new smart TV platform that’s interesting because it’s basic – it’s faster and simpler than others, and drops all the needless extra features

The world of smart TV software options on the best TVs is only getting more complicated over time. Some TV makers use their own software and keep it strictly on their own TVs, but you’ve also got the likes of LG webOS, Roku TV, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV all competing to be on … Read more

Microsoft and Google vie for top spot in productivity and business app leadership in latest report — Google has a upper hand due to its platform dominance but Microsoft’s LinkedIn emerges as the ultimate Pro social network

A new study analyzing Google Play downloads of productivity tools has shown an overwhelming majority of mobile users turning to their smartphones to navigate their professional lives and schedule day-to-day tasks. The report by SplitMetrics found the top apps in the business and productivity categories have amassed a staggering 4.7 billion and 55 billion downloads … Read more

Threads Tests Option to Archive Posts as Platform Hits 150M+ Users

Threads is testing an option that allows users to archive old posts so that they don’t appear on their profile, according to Instagram head Adam Mosseri. In a post on the Meta-owned social media platform, Mosseri said that the archive option being tested with a small number of people included a manual setting for individual … Read more

‘Wean itself off Nvidia’: Samsung signs $750 million agreement with South Korea’s largest online platform — Naver wants to replace Nvidia’s super expensive AI GPU with the more affordable Mach-1 chip

In a move to cut its dependency on Nvidia‘s high-cost AI chips, Naver, the South Korean equivalent of Google, has signed a 1 trillion won ($750 million) agreement with Samsung.  The deal will see the tech giant supply its more affordable Mach-1 chips to Naver, by the end of 2024. The Mach-1 chip, currently under … Read more

Qualcomm unveils S5 Gen 3 Sound platform with ‘almost 50x more AI power’

Qualcomm has been busy. But then again, when is it ever idle? Today (March 25) the company famous for its wireless solutions, software, and semiconductors has introduced two next-generation Snapdragon Sound offerings to improve the audio experience not just at the premium end of the market, but also to mid-tier earbuds (and possibly even the … Read more

New Intel Edge platform unveiled for scaling AI applications

Intel has recently unveiled an advanced Edge AI Platform that is set to transform the way artificial intelligence (AI) applications are deployed and managed. This new platform is designed to make operations simpler and more cost-effective, similar to the services provided by cloud computing, but it operates at the edge of the network. The introduction … Read more

IBM LinuxONE 4 affordable AI and hybrid cloud platform unveiled

IBM has recently introduced the LinuxONE 4 Express, a cutting-edge platform tailored to boost the computing prowess of small and medium-sized businesses. This innovative solution is set to elevate performance, fortify security measures, and expand artificial intelligence capabilities across a variety of data center settings. The LinuxONE 4 Express, a pre-configured, rack-mounted system, is designed … Read more

AMD introduces Embedded+ a new integrated compute platform

AMD has introduced Embedded+, a new integrated compute platform that merges AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal adaptive SoCs. This architecture is designed to provide power-efficient, scalable solutions that enhance the development process for ODM partners. Embedded+ aims to facilitate faster product development and market delivery by simplifying the qualification and build processes. The AMD … Read more

Visual Experience Transformation (VXT) Platform launched

Samsung has launched its new Visual Experience Transformation (VXT) Platform, which is a new cloud-based CMS (Content Management Solution) that combines content and remote signage management in a single platform. This new platform has been designed to be easy to use and to provide businesses an all-in-one solution that allows them to easily create and … Read more

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