Brompton C Line Discover Electric Review: una innovación de 12 velocidades para la bicicleta clásica

Brompton Sea Line 12 velocidades: revisión de 1 minuto Desde 1976, las bicicletas Brompton han sido una de las mejores y, a veces, la única opción para bicicletas plegables. El innovador pliegue de 3 partes lo hace perfecto para viajar en tren, guardarlo en la parte trasera de un automóvil o recorrer las calles de … Read more

Razer Kishi Ultra review: the best mobile controller on the market

One-minute review The Razer Kishi Ultra is quite simply the best mobile controller on the market. It offers an unparalleled portable gaming experience thanks to its supremely comfortable full-size grips, smooth thumbsticks and Hall effect triggers, gorgeous mechanical buttons, and an abundance of high-end features like customizable RGB lighting and punchy haptics.  When paired with … Read more

Alienware Pro Wireless gaming mouse review: a right-handed pro gamer’s dream

Alienware Pro Wireless gaming mouse: Two-minute review Along with the gaming keyboard comes the Alienware Pro Wireless gaming mouse, which has been specially developed and tested with professional gamers in mind to make it one of the best gaming mice available – and possibly one of the best mice in general. It’s a massive upgrade … Read more

Gazelle Eclipse Review: A Luxury Dutch Electric Bike

If you’re looking at bikes online—or anything, really, whether it’s headphones or monitors—you have to consider price versus payoff. Gazelle has billed its newest ebike, the Eclipse, as a long-range comfort cruiser. It is basically the expensive Dutch version of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) Rad Power Bikes’ Radster Road (8/10, WIRED Recommends). I brooded over that … Read more

Majority MP3 Player review: one of the best cheap music players to consider

Majority MP3 Player: Two-minute review The Majority MP3 Player shines for its simplicity in a world where MP3 players are trying hard to be your replacement smartphone, radio and Kindle all wrapped into one.  The Majority MP3 Player is not trying to be the best MP3 player ever invented; it’s trying to be a simple … Read more

Apollo Go (2024) Review: A Great Commuter Scooter

Control is all I want in an electric scooter. OK, that’s a lie, I also want decent range, good power, and a reasonable weight. Being able to control speed, regenerative braking, and how turn signals work—if they’re even available—is not something you find on most escooters. And even if you can access those things, tweaking … Read more

Beats Solo 4 Review: Minimal Features, Maximized Sound

There’s not much to the new Beats Solo 4 headphones at first glance. Starkly missing in this $200 package is any form of noise canceling or transparency mode. There’s no auto pause feature or water-resistance rating—something you might expect from headphones shown as jogging companions in marketing videos. Beats seems proud of the Solo 4’s … Read more

Logitech Aurora Collection Review: Heart and Cloud-Shaped Boxes

Everywhere I look, I see an ad for Logitech’s Aurora Collection of accessories. At least, it feels that way. Often it’s the distinctive, cloud-shaped palm rest, or the beautiful all-white headphones. They follow me across social media platforms. You got me, Logitech: I’m interested. The Aurora Collection checks several boxes for me: It’s designed for … Read more

Doctor Who: The Devil’s Chord review: Is this madness?

The following includes spoilers for “The Devil’s Chord.” For a show about time (and space) travel interwoven with British pop culture since its start in 1963, a trip to visit the Beatles is an obvious premise. So obvious that this is the second time we’ve had a “what if” episode hinging on the Fab Four’s … Read more