Apple didn’t give us the iPad update we wanted, it gave us what we needed instead

Go ahead and make fun of the Apple iPad on your favorite social network, I dare you. You will be swarmed by iPad fans, defending their favorite tablet to the death, which always seems to be just over the horizon for the tablet market. We got no new iPads in 2023, making it one of … Read more

Is 7 years of software support a gimmick? My 4-year-old Samsung Galaxy S20 just gave me the answer

The rising cost of living has led to some holding onto their phones longer than ever. Coupled with the steady rises in the price of phones, we’re buying phones less often but expecting longer hardware and software lifespans. The Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 series have addressed the software side by providing support … Read more

OpenAI just gave artists access to Sora and proved the AI video tool is weirder and more powerful than we thought

A man with a balloon for a head is somehow not the weirdest thing you’ll see today thanks to a series of experimental video clips made by seven artists using OpenAI’s Sora generative video creation platform. Unlike OpenAI‘s ChatGPT AI chatbot and the DALL-E image generation platform, the company’s text-to-video tool still isn’t publicly available. … Read more

Microsoft just gave Copilot Pro a major upgrade – and you can sign up for a free trial now

Microsoft has announced its Copilot (AI) tools will be rolling out to more users than ever before with the expansion of its Pro tier. The move will see the more advanced version of the platform available to more users across the globe without the need for confusing subscriptions, with Copilot Pro now available in all … Read more