‘In the beginning I didn’t want to – my son persuaded me’: why Audiovector’s Trapeze Reimagined speaker is a 45-year family affair

Being brought to tears by something other than music at a high-end speaker demo is a first. But then, Audiovector is not your average hi-fi outfit. So here I am, with no option but to dig the esteemed member of the audio press standing next to me in the ribs, dab at my mascara and … Read more

Enabot Ebo SE pet robot review: the catsitter I didn’t know I needed but can’t live without

Two-minute review Being a cat owner is a joy like no other, but I miss my cat so, so much when I’m away even just for a day. That’s why the Enabot Ebo SE pet robot is a literal must-have in my cat-crazy household.  This small and sweet little robot doesn’t have an adorable little … Read more

Apple didn’t give us the iPad update we wanted, it gave us what we needed instead

Go ahead and make fun of the Apple iPad on your favorite social network, I dare you. You will be swarmed by iPad fans, defending their favorite tablet to the death, which always seems to be just over the horizon for the tablet market. We got no new iPads in 2023, making it one of … Read more

I tried Apple’s new iPhone comparison tool, but it didn’t convince me to upgrade

Smartphone sales have been on the slide in recent years, because they’ve simply become too good. Why upgrade your iPhone when it still feels perfectly functional, and there are refurbished bargains to be had? Well, Apple‘s still hoping to convince you to upgrade with its new iPhone comparison tool – though the omission of one … Read more