New Beats Solo 4 headphones could ship in early May

This Beats Solo 4 image appeared in the iOS 17.4 beta release. Photo: Apple Recent clues in iOS beta software plus a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing by Apple suggest new Beats Solo 4 headphones may ship as soon as early May, according to reports. Given that Beats Solo 3 launched in 2016, well, it’s … Read more

Beats Partners With Alo Yoga for Latest Beats Fit Pro Collaboration

Apple’s Beats brand is known for participating in collaborations with various designers and others for special editions of Beats earphones and headphones, and the latest partnership is with luxury activewear brand Alo Yoga for a unique version of Beats Fit Pro. The Beats x Alo Special Edition Beats Fit Pro come in a standard matte … Read more

New Beats Solo 4 Headphones Show Up in FCC Database as Launch Approaches

Apple is working on a new version of the popular Beats Solo on-ear headphones, and it looks like we are getting closer to a potential launch date. FCC documents for the Beats Solo 4 headphones were found today, and that typically happens in the weeks ahead of a debut. Signs of the Beats Solo 4 … Read more

Claude 3 beats ChatGPT in a variety of different tasks

Just as we thought the artificial intelligence (AI)  model arena was settling down a little, Anthropic has launched Claude 3 which is capable of outperforming ChatGPT in a number of areas. Claude 3 is available in three distinct models: Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus, each offering its own unique capabilities. Opus is the most powerful and … Read more

New Mistral Large AI model beats GPT-3.5 and Llama2-70B

Mistral AI has launched a new flagship AI model called Mistral Large, which has demonstrated superior performance over GPT-3.5 and Llama2-70B across all benchmarks. This model is currently the world’s second-ranked and is available through an API on Azure and Mistral AI’s platform. Despite its closed-source nature, Mistral Large offers cutting-edge text generation and reasoning … Read more

Code Llama 70B beats ChatGPT-4 at coding and programming

Developers, coders and those of you learning to program might be interested to know that the latest Code Llama 70B large language model released by Meta and specifically designed to help you improve your coding. Has apparently beaten OpenAI’s ChatGPT  when asking for coding advice, code snippets and coding across a number of different programming … Read more

New Zephyr-7B LLM fine-tuned, beats Llama-2 70B

The world of artificial intelligence has witnessed another remarkable milestone with the release of the new Zephyr-7B AI model on Hugging Face. This innovative model is a fine-tuned successor to the original Mistral 7B, and it has managed to outperform larger 70 billion parameter models, even while being uncensored. The company has also unveiled a … Read more