Auditores independientes confirman las afirmaciones de privacidad de VPN más importantes

La empresa de auditoría líder del sector Deloitte Rumanía lo ha comprobado VPN cibernética fantasma Cuida tus datos adecuadamente y así lo declara. La auditoría profundiza en la plataforma del proveedor y la infraestructura de privacidad mientras verifica que nunca registra ninguna información de identificación suya como se establece en sus términos. política de privacidad. … Read more

Steam acaba de ser prohibido en Vietnam, pero una VPN es una solución rápida

Los fanáticos de los juegos en Vietnam esta semana no podían creer la popular tienda de juegos vapor Ha visto sus servicios prohibidos en el país. Las razones detrás de la prohibición son algo turbias, ya que las acciones pueden deberse a algunos cambios en la legislación hace unos años, pero hay rumores de descontento … Read more

Should you use XNXubd VPN?

When I first came across XNXubd, I was immediately intrigued—the product name is pretty obscure, after all, and a long list of odd Google search results only adds to the mystery. The product website claims that XNXubd is a “VPN Browser” so, as you’d expect, I just had to check it out for myself. Is … Read more

There’s a transparent toilet ad outside my office—and a VPN firm made it

Imagine heading out of your office to grab some lunch and stumbling upon a truck with a guy casually sitting on a toilet in the middle of a transparent cargo space. Well, that’s what happened to me and my colleagues yesterday, May 09, 2024, in London. The bizarre scene isn’t part of a movie, a … Read more

Network specialist debuts free tool that promises to solve VPN and ZTNA connectivity issues for good

Hybrid access as a service (HAaaS) provider Cloudbrink has created a new tool that can measure packet loss impact, revealing the deep-seated causes of network and application performance problems affecting the hybrid workforce.  Cloudbrink’s own research reveals as little as 0.0047% packet loss in conjunction with 30ms latency can cause a dramatic decline in speed, … Read more

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Router to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Perhaps the easiest option here is ExpressVPN: Not only is it one of the best VPN providers around, it also sells routers with its software baked in. If you’re looking for a solution that just plugs in and works, then this is probably the one to go for, and the standard one for homes will … Read more

DuckDuckGo Launches 3-in-1 ‘Privacy Pro’ Subscription With VPN and Personal Data Removal Tool

DuckDuckGo today announced the launch of Privacy Pro, a new subscription service that bundles three privacy-focused features together. Privacy Pro includes a VPN for anonymous browsing and secure connections regardless of location, personal information removal for removing personal data from data broker sites, and identity theft restoration should any DuckDuckGo subscriber suffer from an identity … Read more

DuckDuckGo unveils a $10 Privacy Pro plan with a no-log VPN

Many web browser companies offer VPNs these days, including Google, Mozilla and Opera. DuckDuckGo is the latest to join the fray, with a Privacy Pro plan that includes three services. Along with a VPN, you’ll get personal information removal and identity theft restoration services for $10 per month or $100 per year. The subscription is … Read more

How to use a VPN with CarPlay

A VPN is a must-have security tool for the privacy-minded. It’ll help you keep snoopers at bay by encrypting your internet traffic, and safeguard your online activity by cloaking your original IP address. Given the amount of personal data that flows through Apple CarPlay, including your messages and real-time location, as well as the next-gen … Read more