Using CrewAI for business research and stock analysis with AI

Reading through pages and pages of financial documents, graphs and data can be a long and laborious task to pick out the next businesses that might make it big. However thanks to the explosion of artificial intelligence over the last 18 months the process has been made extremely easy. Allowing you to harness AI to … Read more

New AI apps transforming our daily lives from creativity to research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly changing the way we interact with the digital world, introducing new AI apps that improve our engagement with content on various platforms and in a wide variety of different ways. This shift is evident in the latest AI advancements that are reshaping our online experiences, from how we watch videos … Read more

How to use ChatGPT for data analysis and research

Do you have large PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, CSV files or mountains of data you need to analyze quickly and effectively. Using AI can quickly provide results you can use to track trends, opportunities and issues that may be happening in your business market or sector. Today in the fast-paced world of business technology and information, … Read more

High-Speed computing with SOT-MRAM array chip from ITRI & TSMC research

The semiconductor industry is on the brink of a significant advancement with the latest collaboration between the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). These two powerhouses have joined forces to create a new type of memory chip that promises to make high-speed computing even faster and more efficient. The spin-orbit-torque … Read more

How to use Consensus ChatGPT research search engine custom GPT

Since the launch of the OpenAI GPT Store earlier this month thousands of custom GPTs have been made available for ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise users to adopt to improve their productivity and workflows. One such custom GPT that has taken the GPT store by storm is Consensus a search engine that uses AI to … Read more

New Mixtral 8x7B research paper released – Mixtral of Experts (MoE)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a significant leap forward with the development of a new model known as Mixtral 8x7B. This model, which uses a unique approach called a mixture of experts (MoE) architecture, is making waves in the AI research community. The team behind Mixtral 8x7B, Mel AI research group, has created something that … Read more

How to use ChatGPT to plan, draft and write research articles

In the world of academic research, the creation of a well-written article is as crucial as the research itself. The task involves not just the presentation of data and figures but also the ability to weave these elements into a narrative that is both informative and engaging. This is where ChatGPT by OpenAI, steps in … Read more

OpenAI $10M grants for superhuman AI systems research

OpenAI has recently announced the launch of a substantial $10M grant program, known as the Superalignment Fast Grants. This ambitious initiative is designed to support and stimulate technical research focused on the alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems. This significant move by OpenAI underscores the growing concern and interest in the development and control … Read more

How to Use ChatGPT for Research and Development

This guide is designed to show you how to use ChatGPT for research and development. In the ever-evolving landscape of research and development (R&D), maintaining a competitive edge is not just advantageous; it’s essential. As professionals in this field, you’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your workflow to … Read more

According to research, artificial intelligence called ‘Sense of Urgency’ aids clinicians in predicting their patients’ danger of passing away.

Researchers at OSF HealthCare want to make sure that patients have “important conversations” about their plans for the end of their lives.Only 22% of Americans write down their end-of-life plans, according to study. A team at OSF HealthCare in Illinois is using artificial intelligence to help doctors figure out which patients are more likely to … Read more