Network specialist debuts free tool that promises to solve VPN and ZTNA connectivity issues for good

Hybrid access as a service (HAaaS) provider Cloudbrink has created a new tool that can measure packet loss impact, revealing the deep-seated causes of network and application performance problems affecting the hybrid workforce.  Cloudbrink’s own research reveals as little as 0.0047% packet loss in conjunction with 30ms latency can cause a dramatic decline in speed, … Read more

Distributed cloud may solve data management challenges

Due to its explosive growth, the management and storage of unstructured data is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to contend with. This unprecedented expansion, however, is a double-edged sword: while the opportunities for leveraging this treasure trove abound, so do the issues in orchestrating it. Another major factor impacting data management, is that according to … Read more

Google Maps AI upgrades could solve your EV charging headaches

It’s a big day for Google Maps. First, the 3D buildings layer is rolling out to all Android users after months of waiting. And now we’re learning the app is expanding its eco-friendly features by introducing new ways to find EV charging stations and “lower-carbon travel alternatives”. The former, according to the announcement, aims to … Read more

Could JWST solve cosmology’s big mystery? Physicists debate Universe-expansion data

Observations of the current Universe suggest a faster rate of cosmic expansion than predictions based on early-Universe data.Credit: NASA/ESA/Judy Schmidt Cosmology seems to be heading for a showdown on one of its most basic questions: how fast is the Universe expanding? For more than a decade, two types of measurement have been in disagreement. Observations … Read more

Samsung India announces Solve For Tomorrow 2024 innovation program for students

Samsung has announced the launch of the third edition of the Solve for Tomorrow program in India. The program aims to foster a culture of innovation among students. This year, the program has two tracks: School Track and Youth Track. This program is held in 63 countries globally. Over 2.3 million young people have participated … Read more

Creating Autogen multi AI agent apps to solve problems

The quest for efficiency and optimization is a constant pursuit, however with the explosion of artificial intelligence over the last 18 months or so new methods of productivity and now more of available than ever. One such innovative approach is the use of AutoGen, a framework for building multi-agent applications. Learn more about AutoGen, its … Read more