GE Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker Review: Only So-So

In my mind, GE is a manufacturer of big, boxy appliances. They’re the folks for reliable and relatively affordable stoves and the manufacturers of the monolithic silver Monogram-line fridge  that I once carted across town with my brother-in-law. That kind of thing. I don’t usually think of them as Mr. Coffee’s competitors, yet their new … Read more

13 Best Coffee Grinders (2024): Conical, Flat Burr, Blade, and Hand Grinders

It’s all in the beans. Nothing will improve your morning coffee like grinding the beans right before you brew. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking a fancy liquid-cooled-quantum-AI-powered espresso machine or a $30 Mr. Coffee—making the switch to whole beans will transform your coffee-drinking experience. We have advice at the end of this article on … Read more

The Fellow Aiden makes coffee good enough for snobs with a single button

Sometimes even the most die-hard coffee enthusiasts just want a quick cup of joe. Unfortunately, that often leaves people with sipping less-than-satisfactory java from traditional drip brewers. But now after years of customer requests, Fellow is finally releasing a machine that it claims can deliver a pour-over experience at the touch of a button. And … Read more

How to Make Better Coffee at Home (2024): Advice, Recommendations, Tips

First, let’s talk flavor. When you’re shopping for coffee you’ll see a lot of different words thrown around, we’re just going to focus on a couple: light, medium, and dark roasts. Each roast type is produced a little bit differently, though the longer they sizzle, the darker they get. There are other variables in there … Read more

Keurig’s new K-Rounds coffee pods are plastic-free and could finally make single-serve coffee-making sustainable

Keurig, the company that got us all hooked on single-serve coffee systems and has helped us churn through billions of plastic throwaway K-cups, just reinvented its single-serve system in what may be the most sustainable way: K-Rounds. K-Rounds are plastic and aluminum-free, highly-compressed coffee ground pods held together by an ultra-thin layer of plant-based material … Read more

Keurig’s K-Rounds Are Compostable Coffee Pods, but They Only Work With Its New Alta Coffee Machine

Phil Drapeau, senior vice president of Future Coffee Systems at Keurig, says partnering with Delica was a way to accelerate the timeline on research Keurig has been doing for years. “I think at this point it’s been for four to five years that we’ve been working on this process,” Drapeau says. “Working with Delica really … Read more

Cocinare portable coffee grinder hits Kickstarter

Coffee enthusiasts, prepare to elevate your brewing ritual with the latest innovation in coffee grinding technology. The Cocinare ESSENCE GO B38 is a portable coffee grinder that promises to transform the way you enjoy your favorite beans. This compact powerhouse is meticulously designed to meet the demands of the most discerning coffee drinkers, ensuring that … Read more

Modular coffee scales for the perfect brew $99

If you’re passionate about coffee, you know that the secret to a perfect cup lies in the details. The WeighMaster coffee scale is a testament to that belief, offering coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas a high-precision tool to elevate their brewing process. This scale is not just about measuring; it’s about achieving a consistent, flavorful … Read more

MILLAB portable electric coffee grinder hits Indiegogo from $169

Imagine the convenience of grinding your coffee beans in the middle of a forest, on a mountain peak, or right in your own backyard, without the need for an electrical outlet. The Millab wireless portable electric coffee grinder is designed to make this dream a reality for coffee enthusiasts. This device is not just about … Read more