Apple-1 starts a computing revolution: Today in Apple history

April 11, 1976: Apple releases its first computer, the Apple-1. Designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak, the computers are sold wholesale by “Steven” Jobs. To finance their manufacturing, Wozniak sells his HP-65 calculator for $500, while Jobs sells his Volkswagen van. Years later, in 2014, a working Apple-1 will sell at auction for $905,000. Apple-1: … Read more

Boot Camp lets Mac users run Windows: Today in Apple history

April 5, 2006: Apple introduces the public beta of Boot Camp, software that allows users with an Intel-based Mac to run Windows XP on their machines. Boot Camp will officially arrive in Mac OS X Leopard, which debuts at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference a few months later. Apple’s Boot Camp lets Windows run on Macs … Read more

How to watch A Brief History of the Future online from anywhere

How to watch A Brief History of the Future From Drake’s DreamCrew production company, A Brief History of the Future looks to challenge the oft depicted dystopian view of the future and aims to use lessons from history and groundbreaking modern science to help viewers work toward a hopeful tomorrow. So keep reading, as we … Read more

First iPad makes ‘magical’ debut in stores: Today in Apple history

April 3, 2010: The first iPad hits store shelves after months of anticipation. The tablet Apple CEO Steve Jobs called “magical and revolutionary” at its unveiling earlier in the year quickly becomes a major success. Jobs initially showed off Apple’s first tablet on January 27, 2010. And there had been rumors long before then. But … Read more

Z80 SoftCard is Microsoft’s first hardware: Today in Apple history

April 2, 1980: Microsoft releases its first hardware product, the Z80 SoftCard. A microprocessor card that plugs into the Apple II, it allows the computer to run programs designed for the CP/M operating system, a popular OS for business software. Arriving several years before the first version of Windows, the Z80 SoftCard quickly becomes a … Read more

Apple founded to sell Apple-1 computer: Today in Apple history

April 1, 1976: The Apple Computer Company is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The trio sets out to sell the $666 Apple-1 computer. Apple will not officially become a corporation until January 3 the following year. By that time, Wayne is no longer a part of the business. This post contains … Read more

First iPad reviews hail game-changing tablet: Today in Apple history

March 31, 2010: The world gets its first sense of how Apple’s tablet measures up, as the first iPad reviews hit the internet. The consensus? That there’s no Flash, no USB, no multitasking — but Apple’s tablet offers an exciting new computing experience all the same. As USA Today writes, “The first iPad is a … Read more

Antennagate settlement for iPhone 4 owners: Today in Apple history

March 29, 2012: Apple settles its “Antennagate” controversy by giving affected iPhone 4 owners the chance to claim a whopping $15 payout. The settlement covers customers who experienced problems with the phone dropping calls due to its cutting-edge design, but were unable to return their handsets (or didn’t want a free bumper from Apple to … Read more

How Singer Studios and Lucy Liu brought forgotten history to life

I had a favorite growing up (Anita Yuen in the 1998 Taiwanese TV series). I obsessed over Chinese period TV series like , and . I consider myself fairly well-versed in Chinese historical figures, especially those represented in ‘90s and 2000s entertainment in Asia. So when I found out that a UK-based studio had made … Read more

Apple’s worst quarter reveals financial woes: Today in Apple history

March 28, 1996: In a dire message to Wall Street, Apple warns that it will report a $700 million after-tax loss for its most recent quarter. Apple’s biggest quarterly loss in history, the shocking news reveals a company in far more financial trouble than previously thought. More than half the loss comes from $1 billion … Read more