Create interactive virtual worlds from text prompts using Genie 1.0

Google has introduced Genie 1.0, an AI system that represents a significant advancement toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Genie 1.0 is a generative interactive environment that can create a variety of virtual worlds from text descriptions, including synthetic images, photographs, and sketches. It operates on an unsupervised learning model trained on low-resolution internet videos, which … Read more

How to Create a Website with ChatGPT

This guide will show you how to create a website with the help of ChatGPT. In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, the capacity to swiftly transform abstract ideas into tangible outcomes is more than just advantageous—it’s essential, particularly within the realm of web development. For those who harbor a profound interest … Read more

How to use Midjourney 6 consistent style feature to create themes of images

Creating series of similar images is now easy using AI art generator is such as Midjourney 6 thanks to a new feature called consistent style.  Imagine having the power to illustrate a seamless visual story, where every image echoes a singular artistic vision. This is the magic that Midjourney’s consistent style feature brings to the … Read more

How to create laser engraving depth maps from AI generated images

The world of design and manufacturing is witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the realm of 3D laser engraving. The ability to create a wide range of amazing designs and concepts in just a few minutes is reshaping the capabilities of manufacturing for small businesses and enthusiasts. If you … Read more

How to Create Amazing Logos with AI and Stable Cascade

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Flipper and Raspberry Pi create new game module for Flipper Zero

Flipper Devices and Raspberry Pi, have come together to create a new gaming module for the Flipper Zero device. This collaboration is a significant development for those interested in gaming, cybersecurity, and electronics, as it brings together the strengths of both companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible with open-source tools. The Flipper Zero, known … Read more

Easily create AI automations using no-code drag-and-drop

If you are searching for ways to quickly create autonomous AI workflows using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface. To help improve your productivity, business processes or everyday tasks. Leap AI is at the cutting edge of no code AI automations, offering a platform that greatly simplifies the process of creating AI workflows. The Leap AI platform … Read more

Combining robotics and AI to create humanoid robots

The fusion of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to create humanoid robots represents a frontier of innovation that captivates both the imagination and the intellect. This fascinating interplay of disciplines aims to craft machines that not only mimic human appearance but also exhibit an unprecedented level of autonomy and intelligence. You’ll be pleased to know … Read more

How to Create Awesome Social Media Content with ChatGPT

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