This swirly power bank might be the most sustainable battery pack on the planet

Batteries and plastic are near the bottom of the environmentally friendly list, but UK company Gomi has an innovative power bank that may be the most sustainable solution for both. Everything on the Gomi power bank is recycled, including the batteries themselves, and the whole unit can be repaired and replaced instead of tossed away. … Read more

How manufacturers can create a sustainable business model

In the wake of the sustainability deal signed by nations at COP28, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) has never been as important to organizations as it is now. However, for many companies, abiding by ESG regulations feels like an administrative burden, instead of an initiative designed to deliver business value. Nevertheless, customer awareness of … Read more

‘Algae recycled into energy’: How one of Europe’s largest data center firms wants to harness heat from GPUs and others to grow sustainable marine flora — but will it be worth it?

Data centers produce a lot of waste heat that could one day be recycled and used to heat millions of homes. Now, French data center company Data4 has partnered with the University of Paris-Saclay to launch a project that aims to use data center heat to grow algae, which can then be recycled into energy. … Read more

Apple Suppliers Donate to Restore Fund for Sustainable Forests and Other Carbon Removal Projects

Apple today announced that suppliers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Japanese company Murata Manufacturing are investing in its Restore Fund, a program aimed at scaling investments in high-quality nature-based carbon removal while also protecting critical ecosystems. TSMC is investing up to $50 million and Murata is investing up to $30 million, with the money … Read more

Keurig’s new K-Rounds coffee pods are plastic-free and could finally make single-serve coffee-making sustainable

Keurig, the company that got us all hooked on single-serve coffee systems and has helped us churn through billions of plastic throwaway K-cups, just reinvented its single-serve system in what may be the most sustainable way: K-Rounds. K-Rounds are plastic and aluminum-free, highly-compressed coffee ground pods held together by an ultra-thin layer of plant-based material … Read more

Sustainable and Accessible Digital Signage for businesses

  In the world of retail and business, change is the only constant. Embracing innovative solutions that not only boost your brand but also contribute to sustainability is imperative. And that’s where digital signage comes into play, proving to be a sustainable game-changer. The surprising fact is that while 100% of the top 50 retailers … Read more

7 Smart and Sustainable Home Ideas for a Greener Future

Climate change is urgently calling us for a reevaluation of our lifestyle choices, it’s more important than ever that we rethink the way we live to create a greener future. Fortunately, adopting sustainable practices in your home and life doesn’t have to be complex. Whether through a DIY project or professional assistance, there are straightforward … Read more

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Energy Solutions

In today’s world, the transition towards sustainable energy solutions has gained significant momentum. The pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future has led to innovative approaches to energy generation and consumption. Sustainable energy solutions encompass a wide range of practices and technologies that not only reduce environmental impact but also offer substantial economic benefits. … Read more

Embracing Menstrual Cups for a Sustainable Future

In today’s world, sustainability has become more than just a trend; it’s a way of life. From reducing our carbon footprint to conserving precious resources, individuals and societies worldwide strive to make eco-friendly daily choices. One area where these choices can have a profound impact is on menstrual hygiene practices.  For a good reason: feminine … Read more

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