Marvel trae ¿Y si…? MCU Multiverse a la realidad virtual con Infinity Stones Caper Evolution

La parte más interesante de What If…? – An Immersive Story (al menos como se ve en este tráiler) es estar dotado de poderes mágicos como Doctor Strange. Usando tus manos, las agitarás y las girarás frente a ti para lanzar hechizos y defender las Gemas del Infinito, además de interactuar con el entorno y … Read more

VR’s prop hunt is superb but virtual yard work isn’t for me – my favorite Meta Quest 3 games and apps for May 2024

Howdy folks, I’m back to run you through some of the best Meta Quest 3 games and apps I’ve been playing over the past month so you know which ones you might want to pick up and try in May. Since my last roundup, I’ve completed a month-long VR fitness experiment – where I worked … Read more

VDI: What is it and why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure matter to businesses of all sizes

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that enables businesses to use virtual machines instead of being confined to a physical workstation. The virtual machines are hosted and managed in a data center, while the users can access them remotely from their workplace. VDI environments are hosted on a centralized server with substantial processing power. … Read more

Samsung’s virtual gamepad app makes Gaming Hub cloud gaming easier

Samsung launched a new Virtual Gamepad mobile app some weeks ago. If you never heard of it, you’re probably not alone. Unless you own a Samsung smart TV and often use it with SmartThings on your phone, chances are this new app flew under your radar. Samsung didn’t make any official announcements for this app. … Read more

Today in Apple history: eWorld closes its virtual doors

March 9, 1996: Apple confirms that it will shut down its eWorld online service at the end of the month. Part messaging service, part news aggregator — and all with Apple’s customary premium prices — the short-lived eWorld proved ahead of its time. Apple tells disappointed eWorld subscribers they can switch to America Online instead. … Read more

Create interactive virtual worlds from text prompts using Genie 1.0

Google has introduced Genie 1.0, an AI system that represents a significant advancement toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Genie 1.0 is a generative interactive environment that can create a variety of virtual worlds from text descriptions, including synthetic images, photographs, and sketches. It operates on an unsupervised learning model trained on low-resolution internet videos, which … Read more

How to Turn Custom GPTs Into Virtual Employees

This guide is designed to show you how to turn ChatGPTs Custom GPTs into virtual employees. In the contemporary era of digital evolution, the introduction and development of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) represent a monumental shift in how we approach productivity and creative innovation. With the landscape of technology constantly evolving, the enhancement of ChatGPT … Read more

NVIDIA Voyager AI Agent operates across virtual & physical worlds

NVIDIA’s senior research scientist, Jim Fan, has introduced a concept that is poised to enhance the way AI operates across different environments. During a recent Ted Talk, Fan presented the “foundation agent,” a specialized AI designed to master a wide array of skills, making it adept at functioning in both digital and physical realms. This … Read more