You’ll wish you could purchase this beautiful custom Fallout gaming PC

There’s always been tons of merchandise to match the popularity of the Fallout series, and this lovely custom gaming PC is easily one of the best. The chassis for the NZXT H6 Flow PC is based on the iconic Vault-Tec aesthetics of the game series, with the blue paint covered in old rust stains and … Read more

Apple Maps May Gain Custom Routes With iOS 18

Apple may be planning to add support for “custom routes” in Apple Maps in iOS 18, according to code reviewed by MacRumors. ‌Apple Maps‌ does not currently offer a way to input self-selected routes, with Maps users limited to Apple’s pre-selected options, but that may change in ‌iOS 18‌. Apple has pushed an ‌iOS 18‌ … Read more

Caviar’s 18-Karat Gold Custom Apple Vision Pro Won’t Start at $3,499

Caviar, a company known for making luxury variants of popular tech gadgets, intends to release a custom Apple Vision Pro plated with 18-karat gold next year that will inevitably set you back more than Apple’s $3,499 starting price. The device’s headband is made from Connolly leather, and features a gold visor cover attachment inspired by … Read more

You can now open Google Chrome Custom Tabs in picture-in-picture mode

Last updated: March 12th, 2024 at 09:12 UTC+01:00 Google Chrome for Android features Chrome Custom Tabs, which developers can use to offer a web browser experience in their applications. Take Gmail for example. It is one of the apps that uses this feature. When you click on a link to a website in an email, … Read more

Build custom AI agents featuring Function Calling, Code Interpreter and RAG using Qwen-Agents

Alibaba’s Qwen 1.5 is an open-source AI model that ranges from 0.5 to 72 billion parameters, offering performance close to GPT-4. The Qwen-Agents framework, built on the Qwen 1.5 model, enables the development of large-scale, niche model applications that can follow instructions, utilize tools, plan, and remember. The framework includes a Chrome browser extension capable … Read more

How to write ChatGPT custom instructions for amazing results

If you think the results you are receiving from ChatGPT could be a little more refined. It could be simply that you are not using the correct Custom Instructions. This sometimes overlooked feature added by OpenAI last year allows you to change the persona of ChatGPT allowing it to be tailored to your exact requirements … Read more

OpenAI replacing ChatGPT plugins with custom GPTs

OpenAI, a leader in artificial intelligence, and the development team responsible for creating ChatGPT and more recently SORA is making a significant change to its conversational AI platform. The company has announced that it will be moving away from the current system of ChatGPT plugins and introducing custom GPT models instead. This change is set … Read more

5 Custom GPT Applications That Will Turbocharge Your Workflow

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, custom Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) applications are redefining productivity and efficiency across a spectrum of tasks. If you’re keen on integrating AI to streamline your work processes, you will be pleased to know about five innovative GPT applications designed to elevate your output and creativity. Let’s dive … Read more