HuggingFace Assistants free alternative to ChatGPT custom GPTs

HuggingFace has launched a new feature that allows users to create their own custom GPT assistants without the need for coding skills. This new service called HuggingFace Assistants this completely free to use and offers an alternative to OpenAI’s custom GPTs, which require a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. HuggingFace’s offering is not only free but … Read more

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When it comes to programming, the tools you choose can make a big difference in how quickly and effectively you can complete your projects. Two tools that have caught the attention of developers are Aider and Microsoft Autogen. These tools are especially useful for those who work with advanced large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s … Read more

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OpenAI has made available tools that can easily enable almost anyone with Internet access to be able to create powerful AI tools and applications. The launch of OpenAI’s GPT platform and its Assistants API provides a wealth of opportunity for you to improve your productivity, create AI powered applications to resell and improve the workflows … Read more

Activepieces lets you create powerful AI Assistants with TypeScript

Activepieces is a new open source all-in-one automation tool, “designed to be extensible” say its developers providing users with an easy way to create their own powerful AI assistance using a TypeScript framework. At the heart of Activepieces is a drag-and-drop interface that’s incredibly user-friendly. This means that even if you’re not a tech wizard, … Read more

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How to build a powerful Discord bot using AI GPT Assistants API

The OpenAI Assistants API is a potent tool that provides developers with the means to create AI assistants within their applications. These AI assistants are designed to respond to user queries effectively, using a variety of models, tools, and knowledge bases. Currently, the Assistants API supports three types of tools: Code Interpreter, Retrieval, and Function … Read more