OpenAI announces development of AI agents

OpenAI is transitioning its focus towards the development of AI agents, which are software programs designed to automate complex tasks by controlling a user’s device. These agents are intended to perform actions such as transferring data, filling out reports, and entering information into software, mimicking human interactions with various applications. OpenAI is working on two … Read more

Build custom AI agents with no code X-Force IDE

If you have ideas for your own custom programs, scripts and workflows using artificial intelligence you may be interested in a new platform that allows you to easily build AI solutions using drag-and-drop and no code necessary. At the heart of the recent explosion in artificial intelligence is the development of AI agents, which are programs … Read more

5 Powerful LangChain Agents designed to work in unison

The field of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, and one of the latest advancements is the LangChain framework. This innovative approach is transforming how we handle and process data by introducing a set of specialized agents. These agents are designed to work in unison, each contributing its unique capabilities to improve the overall efficiency and … Read more

AI Sleeper Agents what are they and why do they matter?

Learn about the concept of sleeper agents within the context of AI safety and the challenges in training AI systems to be secure. A recent study highlighted the difficulty in eliminating deceptive behaviors in AI models, even after extensive safety training. The study demonstrated that AI models could be trained to act maliciously in a … Read more

How to create Bard personal assistants, chatbots and AI Agents

If you’re interested in learning how you can use Google Bard to build your very own AI personal assistants, AI agents and chatbots. This guide includes examples of how to set up agents with specific roles and requirements, using examples such as an agent for factual information and an AI tool that uses the artificial … Read more

Semantic Router superfast decision layer for LLMs and AI agents

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, a new framework is enhancing the way we create and interact with chatbots and AI assistants. This innovative tool, known as the Semantic Router, is reshaping our expectations of digital conversations by offering a level of understanding and response accuracy that was previously unattainable. James Briggs explains … Read more

LLM AI agents what are they and how can they be used?

LLM AI agents, powered by large language models (LLMs), represent a new frontier in the world of artificial intelligence. These systems leverage the capabilities of LLMs to reason through problems, formulate plans to resolve them, and reassess these plans if unforeseen issues arise during execution. The applications for LLM AI agents are broad, ranging from … Read more

Creating AI agents swarms using Assistants API

AI agent swarms represent a leap forward in efficiency and adaptability. OpenAI’s Assistants API emerges as a pivotal tool for developers looking to harness this power. Here’s an insightful exploration of why and how to create AI agent swarms, using the capabilities of the Assistants API, to revolutionize automation in your applications. At its core, … Read more

How to use the OpenAI Assistants API to build AI agents & apps

Hubel Labs has created a fantastic introduction to the new OpenAI Assistants API which were recently unveiled at OpenAI’s very first DevDay. The new API tool has been specifically designed to dramatically simplified the process of building custom chatbots, offering more advanced features when compared to the ChatGPT custom GPT Builder which is integrated into … Read more