Our guide to spring cleaning your tech

This spring, clean your gadgets. Clean your tech. Be less gross in 2024. It’s one of my aims. Alongside our anniversary stories this month, we’re also in a spring-cleaning frame of mind. We’re cleaning AirPods and digitally decluttering the PC. (And if you’re physically decluttering, how about making a bit of money simultaneously?) This week, … Read more

A guide to the Nature Index

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliations and institutional relationships. The index tracks contributions to research articles published in high-quality natural-science and health-science journals, chosen based on reputation by an independent group of researchers. The Nature Index provides absolute and fractional counts of article publication at the institutional and national level and, as … Read more

MacBook Air Buyer’s Guide: Comparing the Generations

Apple’s MacBook Air has undergone some major changes in recent years, including the switch to Apple silicon, a complete redesign, and the introduction of a 15-inch model, making it all the more important to consider if now is a good time to upgrade or if an older model will suffice for your needs. Following its … Read more

Official Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting Guide in MagPi issue 139

If you would like to learn more about using and troubleshooting the Raspberry Pi mini PC you’ll be pleased to know that the latest and official Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi issue 139. Features a full Raspberry Pi troubleshooting guide allowing you to sort out most problems that you will come across when setting up the … Read more

How to use FL Studio digital music mixer – Beginners Guide

Dive into the world of music production with FL Studio, a powerful digital audio workstation that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to get started, from downloading and installing the software to creating your first track. With FL Studio, you have the tools at … Read more

GitHub Copilot AI coding assistant for Visual Studio Code – Beginners Guide

If you are learning to code or would like a little assistance on those harder areas of your script or application. You may be considering using Copilot to offer suggestions, helping you navigate complex functions, and even writing chunks of code for you. This isn’t a distant dream—it’s a reality for developers using Visual Studio Code … Read more

How to use Perplexity AI answer engine – Beginners Guide

In today’s digital landscape, where time is of the essence, a new tool with investment from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, NVIDIA and others is making waves by providing quick and precise answers to our questions in a more comprehensive way when compared to search engines such as Google. Perplexity AI stands out as a sophisticated  AI … Read more

How to use Microsoft’s Copilot Pro AI assistant – Beginners Guide

Microsoft has unveiled a new subscription service called Copilot Pro, which is set to transform the way individual users interact with their Microsoft 365 applications. At a cost of $20 per month, this service integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into familiar tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, aiming to boost productivity for … Read more