Shell Energy’s Superfast Fibre Plus broadband is now only £25.99 per month and gives you a free £50 Amazon gift card

Looking for a cheap, reliable, and fast broadband deal that won’t break the bank? Then Shell Energy broadband’s latest broadband offer could be perfect.  Shell Energy Broadband’s popular Superfast Fibre Plus tariff is available for just £25.99 per month. Plus, as well as being affordable, this particular broadband package comes with a £50 gift card … Read more

Semantic Router superfast decision layer for LLMs and AI agents

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, a new framework is enhancing the way we create and interact with chatbots and AI assistants. This innovative tool, known as the Semantic Router, is reshaping our expectations of digital conversations by offering a level of understanding and response accuracy that was previously unattainable. James Briggs explains … Read more