Lenovo and Anaconda join forces to accelerate AI development

A new partnership has been announced this month between Lenovo and Anaconda that promises to help both data scientists and AI professionals. Lenovo, a giant in the computing industry, has joined forces with Anaconda, a powerhouse in open-source AI and data science software. This collaboration is set to streamline the AI development process, offering a … Read more

Lotus Emeya Hyper-GT completes test and development program

The Lotus Emeya hyper-GT has wrapped up its intensive three-year global testing program in harsh conditions, including winter trials in Ivalo, Finland, inside the Arctic Circle where it faced temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius. This program spanned 15 countries across diverse terrains and weather, from the UK’s B-roads and Germany’s autobahns to Alpine passes … Read more

OpenAI announces development of AI agents

OpenAI is transitioning its focus towards the development of AI agents, which are software programs designed to automate complex tasks by controlling a user’s device. These agents are intended to perform actions such as transferring data, filling out reports, and entering information into software, mimicking human interactions with various applications. OpenAI is working on two … Read more

Meta stockpiling powerful NVIDIA GPUs for AGI development

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has taken a bold step by pouring resources into NVIDIA’s powerful graphics processing units (GPUs). This move is not just a financial decision; it’s a statement of intent. Meta is diving headfirst into the deep waters of artificial intelligence (AI), … Read more

Collaborating with Google Bard to Simplify Software Development

The software development landscape is buzzing with advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and automation. Developers, the tireless architects of our digital world, are constantly adapting to stay ahead of the curve. But what if there was a way to simplify their workload, streamline their processes, and unleash their creative potential? Enter Bard, the innovative … Read more

Google Project IDX platform and development tools explained

Google unveiled Project IDX back in August 2023, introducing a new web-based development platform that harnesses the capabilities of Google Cloud Server infrastructure. This innovative platform has been specifically designed by Google to transform the developer tool landscape, presenting a formidable challenge to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code). As a developer, you stand at … Read more

Raspberry Breadstick development board $55

The Raspberry Breadstick is a unique development board designed to simplify the process of electronic prototyping.  Its unique form factor, which is specifically designed to make prototyping more straightforward and organized. Offers users a versatile platform that caters to both beginners and experienced hobbyists, providing a wide range of features.  One of the standout features … Read more

How to use ChatGPT for Personal Development and Coaching

ChatGPT stands out as an advanced language model renowned for its ability to generate text that closely mimics human writing styles and patterns. This remarkable capability stems from its sophisticated design, which enables it to process and respond to various prompts. It’s not just about answering questions; ChatGPT can engage in simulated conversations, offering responses … Read more

Codegen AI software development and coding assistant

Codegen is an AI-driven software development and AI coding assistant tool designed to enhance the workflow of developers. It leverages the capabilities of GPT-4 to automate various aspects of coding, including ticket resolution, test writing, code generation, and debugging. Codegen can be integrated into development platforms such as GitHub, Jira, and Linear, aiming to streamline … Read more

Using Duet AI assistant to improve your software development

As well as announcing the imminent availability of their new Google Gemini AI Google also offers its Duet AI  assistant allowing you to improve your productivity across a wide variety of different applications and workflows. Developers are constantly seeking ways to enhance their workflow, and Google Cloud, along with its suite of AI tools, is … Read more