Apple backtracks on removal of iOS 17.4 Home Screen Web Apps

Apple’s iOS 17.4 software update is coming this week, it brings major changes to the App Store in Europe and now Apple has announced that it has changed its mind on removing Home Screen Web Apps in Europe. Previously, Apple said that it would be disabling Home Screen web Apps in Europe for “security and … Read more

iOS 17.4 will remove Home Screen web apps in Europe

Apple’s iOS 17.4 is currently in beta, Apple recently released the third beta of the software and this update is bringing some major changes to the iPhone in Europe to comply with the new Digital markets App. The update will introduce alternative app stores in Europe and alternative payment methods in apps and more, and … Read more

MultiON web based personal AI assistant and Rabbit R1 alternative

anyone looking for a little assistance when carrying out mundane online tasks might be interested in a new web-based personal AI assistant called MultiON. Imagine a world where your online tasks are handled with the click of a button, where booking a ride, filling out forms, or navigating complex websites is done for you by … Read more

Midjourney 6 Alpha web browser version now available

If you have been patiently waiting for Midjourney to make available its new web browser version. You’ll be pleased to know that, Midjourney has taken a significant leap forward by unveiling an alpha version of its platform that operates directly within web browsers. By transitioning from a Discord-only model to a browser-based interface, Midjourney is opening … Read more

Build web apps using AI prompts with

The world of web application development could be witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of This innovative tool is making waves by simplifying the process of creating and deploying web apps. It’s designed to understand simple English instructions and convert them into fully operational applications, which is a big deal for both developers … Read more

Cyber Acoustics Flex center screen web camera

The CA Essential Webcam Flex by Cyber Acoustics is a multi-functional camera that offers a wide range of features, making it an indispensable tool for a variety of professional and personal purposes. Whether you’re a business professional, teacher, healthcare professional, or a streamer on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, the CA Essential Webcam Flex is … Read more

Using Duet AI to rapidly build web apps

If you need to build complex web applications focusing on reliability, scalability and security. You’re navigating through a maze of decisions, from selecting the right computing resources to ensuring your app can handle sudden surges in traffic. Now, picture having a knowledgeable assistant by your side, one that’s powered by artificial intelligence and deeply integrated … Read more

How to create a web user interface for Microsoft’s Autogen

Wouldn’t it be great if you’re complex tasks were managed effortlessly by a team of digital assistants, each one communicating and collaborating to make your workday smoother. Microsoft Autogen is at the heart of this scenario, a framework designed to streamline intricate processes by coordinating these assistant-like agents. The magic of Autogen truly shines when … Read more

How to combine GPT-4 Turbo with Google web browsing

Being able to combine the power of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 Turbo AI model and Google web browsing using the Assistants API opens up a wide variety of new applications that can take your business, SaaS or ideas to the next level. Search engines, like Google, have become the gatekeepers of vast amounts of data, and … Read more

Opal minimalist Tadpole web camera designed for laptops $175

Opal Camera has this week introduced its new minimalist web camera in the form of the Tadpole. Specifically designed to be the  world’s smallest webcam. This innovative device is not only ultra-portable but also offers superior image quality, making it a fantastic addition to the webcam market. One of the remarkable features of Tadpole is … Read more