Samsung collaborates with Qualcomm to improve 5G speeds by 20%

Samsung has announced that it worked with Qualcomm to improve data transfer speeds on 5G cellular networks. The companies have used 3GPP Release 17’s new 1024 QAM feature to improve 5G speeds by up to 20%, bringing faster download speeds on smartphones. Samsung and Qualcomm achieve fastest ever 5G download speeds with 20MHz bandwidth As … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 is faster than iPhone 15 in 5G download speeds

The Galaxy S24 series uses a new processor (Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 depending on the model and country) featuring faster 5G modems, resulting in faster download and upload speeds on cellular networks. In fact, the Galaxy S24 series is faster than the iPhone 15 in median 5G download and upload speeds in … Read more

ISPs roll out mandatory broadband ‘nutrition’ labels that show speeds, fees and data allowances

You can now ensure that you’re not going to be hit by hidden fees and taxes before you sign up with an internet service provider (ISP). Starting today, big ISPs with more than 100,000 subscribers will be required to display “nutrition labels” both in store and online under a new FCC rule. Those labels have … Read more

Japanese scientists close in on petabit-class submarine cable tech set to revolutionize Internet speeds — NEC and NTT managed to shuttle hundreds of terabits over thousands of kilometers thanks to a clever algorithm

To cope with the demand for international bandwidth almost doubling every two years, Japanese corporations NEC and NTT have successfully trialed a revolutionary submarine cable technology set to drastically enhance internet speeds under the sea.  The transoceanic-class experiment transmitted hundreds of terabits across a staggering 7,280km, a feat made possible through a sophisticated algorithm. NEC … Read more

Samsung 990 EVO review: great for the price, just don’t expect true PCIe 5.0 speeds

Samsung 990 EVO: Two-minute review The Samsung 990 EVO steps into the spotlight following the well-received Samsung 990 Pro, setting the stage for an SSD to carry forward the EVO series’ legacy of performance and reliability.  The 970 EVO Plus, this SSD’s predecessor, was one of the best SSD picks when it was released a … Read more

Macintosh IIfx speeds into stores: Today in Apple history

March 19, 1990: The ultra-fast Macintosh IIfx makes its debut, sporting a hefty price tag appropriate for such a speedy machine. The fastest Macintosh of its day, it boasts a CPU running at a “wicked fast” 40 MHz. It gains an additional speed bump from a pair of Apple-designed, application-specific integrated circuits. Prices start at … Read more

Base Model M3 MacBook Air Has Faster SSD Speeds After Controversy With Previous Model

The base model 13-inch MacBook Air with the M3 chip, 256GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM has significantly faster SSD speeds compared to the equivalent model with the M2 chip, according to benchmark results shared today by YouTube channel Max Tech. Max Tech’s teardown video confirms that Apple has returned to using two 128GB … Read more