Midjourney 6 advanced prompts for creating complex AI images

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence our ideas can be transformed into stunning visuals with just a few keystrokes. Midjourney version 6, an artificial intelligence AI image generation tool, is reshaping the landscape of digital creativity. This AI is not merely altering the way we generate images; it’s establishing a new benchmark for creative … Read more

Creating custom GPTs to promote your business

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. One way companies could gain an advantage is by harnessing the power of Generative Pre-trained Transformers, or GPTs. Especially now that OpenAI have announced the imminent launch of its new official GPT Store which is expected to launch later this month. Custom GPTs … Read more

Creating viral videos using AI tools – Beginners guide

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Creating Assistant API AI customer service automations

If you are interested in building your very own AI customer service representative to help with the ever-increasing workflow of your business or daily lives. You may be interested in a new video created by Corbin AI. Which demonstrates how you can use the OpenAI Assistant API to easily create workflow automations to help with … Read more

Creating custom GPTs with OAuth Authentication for improved security

Designing custom Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and adding OAuth Authentication is a big step for anyone who want to improve their custom GPTs. This integration makes it possible to create smarter AI tools that can use data in a way that is both precise and tailored to individual needs. To integrate the technology successfully in … Read more

Creating website user interfaces using AI GPT-4 Vision

Website and user interface designers might be interested in a new application that allows you to transform sketches into coded user interfaces. Currently in its early development stages the AI Draw a UI app provides an insight into how AI can be used to create user interfaces for a wide variety of different applications from … Read more

Creating AI agents swarms using Assistants API

AI agent swarms represent a leap forward in efficiency and adaptability. OpenAI’s Assistants API emerges as a pivotal tool for developers looking to harness this power. Here’s an insightful exploration of why and how to create AI agent swarms, using the capabilities of the Assistants API, to revolutionize automation in your applications. At its core, … Read more

Creating AI art with Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI and ControlNet

If you’ve been enjoying creating art using Stable Diffusion or one of the other AI models such as Midjourney or DallE 3 recently added to ChatGPT by OpenAI and available to Jews for free via the Microsoft Image Creator website. You might be interested in a new workflow created by Laura Carnevali which combines Stable … Read more