Samsung reveals more details about how it plans to produce 1000-layer QLC NAND chip that are vital for a Petabyte SSD — hafnia ferroelectrics identified as key ingredient to ramp layer count beyond 1K

It’s no secret that the race is on to produce the first 1000TB SSD. At its Tech Day in 2022, Samsung revealed ambitious plans to “stack over 1,000 layers” in its most advanced NAND chip by 2030, meaning a petabyte SSD could arrive by then.  Last year the company dropped hits that it might be … Read more

Samsung’s archrival strikes crucial partnership with Nvidia’s closest ally to deliver key next-gen memory — SK Hynix teams up with TSMC to advance HBM development but could this move encourage TSMC to become like Intel?

South Korean memory giant SK Hynix, which recently announced plans for the construction of the world’s largest chip factory, has now announced a major partnership with top Taiwanese semiconductor foundry, TSMC.  The two firms aim to cement their positions in the fast-growing AI market by developing and producing the next-generation of High Bandwidth Memory, known … Read more

Tiny heat pump that relies on changing ambient temperature could be key to powering IoT devices and sensors without batteries forever — Nanoparticles are critical to the process, posit scientists

As IoT technology progresses, the question of how to power these devices, particularly in locations where reliable electrical sources are scarce, presents a significant challenge.  Researchers at the University of Utah’s College of Engineering have pioneered a new form of battery that could help solve this dilemma. The solution, which is at the proof of … Read more

A key Apple app is rumored to be getting a major upgrade in macOS 15

We’re set to hear much more about what’s coming with macOS 15 when Apple‘s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) gets underway on June 10 – and one app in particular is rumored to be getting a major upgrade. That app is the Calculator app, and while it perhaps isn’t the most exciting piece of software … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 specs predictions: all the key specs we expect

There’s every chance that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be the most popular foldable phone of the year. After all, it comes from the leader in the foldable space, and it’s likely to be far more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. But that likely lower price doesn’t mean the specs … Read more

Logitech’s Litra Beam key light is 10 percent off right now

Having a fancy webcam is all well and good, but another thing you might need to seriously upgrade the quality of your video calls and livestreams is a decent key light. It will illuminate your face to help you stand out from the background and help the camera discern your features more clearly. You don’t … Read more

Fantastic Four MCU movie villain all but confirmed as Marvel teases key story details

Marvel has all but confirmed that Galactus will be the primary villain of its forthcoming Fantastic Four movie. Today (April 4), the comic book giant ostensibly revealed that the planet-devouring deity would be the big bad of The Fantastic 4, which is set to launch in theaters in July 2025. The apparent announcement was surprisingly … Read more

2024 iPad Pro: Key Rumors to Be Aware of Ahead of Announcement

Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro models are expected to be announced in a matter of weeks, so what can customers expect from the highly anticipated new machines? The 2022 ‌iPad Pro‌ was a minor update that added the M2 chip, Apple Pencil hover, and specification upgrades like Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. The ‌iPad Pro‌ … Read more

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