You can already buy cases for the iPad Air 6, but the tablet might lack a rumored change

Apple hasn’t even announced the iPad Air 6 yet, but that hasn’t stopped an accessory maker launching cases for the rumored slate, as ESR has done exactly that. Several cases from the company (spotted by 9to5Mac) have been listed on, and they reveal some possible details in the process. For one thing, the tablet … Read more

A key Apple app is rumored to be getting a major upgrade in macOS 15

We’re set to hear much more about what’s coming with macOS 15 when Apple‘s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) gets underway on June 10 – and one app in particular is rumored to be getting a major upgrade. That app is the Calculator app, and while it perhaps isn’t the most exciting piece of software … Read more

macOS 15 Rumored to Feature Revamped Calculator App

Apple will debut a major revamp of the Calculator app in macOS 15 later this year, according to AppleInsider. The overhauled version of the Calculator app for Mac will reportedly feature: An enhanced unit conversion system located in the main user interface, including for currency conversion with up-to-date exchange rates. “Math Notes” to allow the … Read more

12.9-Inch iPad Air Now Rumored to Feature Mini-LED Display

The rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air that is expected to be announced in May will be equipped with a mini-LED display like the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to Ross Young, CEO of research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants. The existing 10.9-inch iPad Air is equipped with a standard LCD panel, and the move to mini-LED … Read more

Six Rumored iPhone 16 Camera Upgrades Coming This Year

As anticipation builds for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 series, the rumor mill has highlighted some potential camera upgrades that could change how we use our iPhones for photography. The camera system has always been a cornerstone of Apple’s iPhone, and this year Apple appears set to push the envelope even further. As the iPhone 16 … Read more

iPhone 17 Plus Rumored to Feature Smaller Screen Than iPhone 15 Plus

While the iPhone 16 series is still months away from launching, another rumor has already surfaced about the two-generations-away iPhone 17 lineup. In a post shared today on social media platform X, oft-accurate display industry expert Ross Young said he heard that the “iPhone 17 Plus” will be equipped with a smaller screen than the … Read more

Disney Plus rumored plans prove the further we get from cable, the closer we get to cable

Streaming television was supposed to kill cable and broadcast TV. Ad-free, endless choice, on-demand, and on your schedule meant the no-compromises television experience of our dreams. Except it hasn’t quite turned out that way and now it’s starting to look like the old models, the ones that buoyed cable and broadcast television for decades are … Read more

Spotify’s rumored remix feature could completely change how we listen to music

Spotify is reportedly working on adding remixing tools to its streaming service, giving users a way to reimagine their favorite tracks.  The news comes from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) whose sources state people will be able to “speed up, mash-up, and otherwise edit songs” however they want. The article explains that one of the … Read more