Samsung’s post-apocalyptic Australia Fortnite map offers real prizes worth $8,000

Last updated: May 2nd, 2024 at 13:20 UTC+02:00 Samsung Australia is rolling out a new Fortnite Creative map for mobile gamers. The new experience called Clash of Commuters features “a uniquely Australian and public transport-inspired map.” And for a limited time, players will have the opportunity to win Samsung prizes. The new map features Australian … Read more

This tiny box from Samsung can hold 2TB of a special kind of RAM worth tens of thousands of dollars — CXL Memory Module Box hailed as the future of expansive server memory in the age of AI

At MemCon 2024, Samsung showcased its latest HBM3E technology, talked about its future HBM4 plans, and unveiled the CXL Memory Module Box, also known as CMM-B, the latest addition to its Compute Express Link (CXL) memory module portfolio. CMM-B is essentially a memory pooling appliance for rack computing leveraging CXL. It supports disaggregated memory allocation, … Read more

UPS Worker Accused of Stealing and Reselling Apple Products Worth Over $1 Million

A former UPS worker located in Winnipeg, Canada has been accused of stealing Apple products valued at more than $1.3 million, and reselling them for profit. According to Canada’s Global News and the Winnipeg Free Press, UPS worker Orville Beltrano stole approximately 866 Apple devices from the warehouse where he had worked since 2013. Beltrano … Read more

Is the Mars rover’s rock collection worth $11 billion?

The Perseverance rover drills a rock core from the edge of the ancient river delta in Jezero Crater on Mars.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech The Woodlands, Texas Scientists are on edge as they wait for NASA to answer two of the most consequential questions in Mars exploration. Where on the red planet will the Perseverance rover collect its … Read more

‘Algae recycled into energy’: How one of Europe’s largest data center firms wants to harness heat from GPUs and others to grow sustainable marine flora — but will it be worth it?

Data centers produce a lot of waste heat that could one day be recycled and used to heat millions of homes. Now, French data center company Data4 has partnered with the University of Paris-Saclay to launch a project that aims to use data center heat to grow algae, which can then be recycled into energy. … Read more

Upgrades that aren’t worth the extra cost

Less than four months after debuting its mid-range Accentum headphones, Sennheiser revealed another version at CES that remains more affordable than its flagship Momentum set. Dubbed the Accentum Plus, this more-expensive model swaps the physical buttons for touch controls while offering revised active noise cancellation (ANC), wear-detection and other conveniences the first version didn’t. All … Read more

Your Galaxy A54 is not as cool as it used to be, but is the A55 worth it?

By now, you likely know that your Galaxy A54 is no longer the newest kid on the block. Samsung announced the Galaxy A55 yesterday, and we don’t need to tell you that the newer model brings some improvements over your A54. That’s a given from any yearly upgrade. But what are those improvements, exactly? And … Read more

Is Apple’s $40 MagSafe iPhone Charger Worth It? (Video)

Have you ever found yourself tangled in a web of iPhone charger cables, wondering if there’s a better way to power up your iPhone? Well, the age of wireless charging is upon us, and it’s time to untangle the cords and explore the options available. If you’re curious about the effectiveness of Apple’s $40 MagSafe … Read more

Is ChatGPT Plus worth the subscription fee?

When considering whether to part with your hardened cash and upgrade from the free OpenAI AI service to ChatGPT Plus or higher. It’s important to understand the array of features and enhancements OpenAI offers in its different subscription packages. As you probably already know OpenAI offers both a free version and a paid version of … Read more