Trust Ody II Silent Wireless Keyboard and Mouse review

The Ody II is a budget wireless keyboard from Trust that promises a quiet typing experience. If, like us, you’re coming from the clacking and clattering of a cheap full-sized keyboard, the difference is immediately noticeable. Smooth, near-silent, spill-proof, this is an impressive unit for the price.  We’ve tested out plenty of office keyboards, keyboards … Read more

Wild women and restoring public trust: Books in brief

The Rich Flee and the Poor Take the Bus Troy Tassier Johns Hopkins Univ. Press (2024) An adage in epidemiology states that, if you’ve seen one epidemic, you’ve seen one epidemic. However, argues economist Troy Tassier in his thoughtful history, in almost every epidemic, the rich escape and survive while the poor stay and suffer. … Read more

I’m a laptop expert, so trust me when I say you should not miss this Asus Chromebook Plus deal from Amazon

I’ve been reviewing laptops for years, and if someone asks me what laptop they should buy for under £300, I always say the same thing: get a Chromebook. If you’re looking for a super-cheap laptop, then Amazon’s Spring Sale event has a great offer for the Asus Chromebook Plus, which is now just £249.99 (down … Read more

Why scientists trust AI too much — and what to do about it

AI-run labs have arrived — such as this one in Suzhou, China.Credit: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg/Getty Scientists of all stripes are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) — from developing ‘self-driving’ laboratories, in which robots and algorithms work together to devise and conduct experiments, to replacing human participants in social-science experiments with bots1. Many downsides of AI systems have … Read more

Building Trust in Coaching Relationships

Trust, often considered the bedrock of meaningful human interactions, holds a pivotal role in coaching relationships. It’s a delicate, intangible bond that, once established, can greatly amplify the effectiveness and outcomes of coaching sessions. All coaches, from Tony Robbins, to Fitness coaches like Sam Miller, all need to establish this to help their clients. Without … Read more